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What is #1 Psychological indicator of Spiritual Advancement?

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What is #1 Psychological indicator of Spiritual Advancement?

I would contend that the #1 (mainstream) psychological indicator of Spiritual Advancement in an individual is:

INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL (a well-known psychology concept)

DEFINITION: A person with an internal locus of control believes that he or she can influence events and their outcomes, while someone with an external locus of control blames outside forces for everything. This concept was brought to light in the 1950's by Julian Rotter.

I would also contend that the #1 (NON-mainstream more advanced)  indicator would be wielding a balanced sense of:



OPERATION in the flow of the NOW MOMENT.

In other words, having a confident sense of where you are going while operating in a unattached fashion knowing the universe will deliver you there always at the appropriate time.

- - - -

I only brought this up, since I feel like Bobby Buzzkill half the time I post .. as I frequently come into a thread and encourage people to look within and employ the power of their consciousness intention including (self-healing and self-love development)  in order to produce a reflective external reality that is desirable. :nerd-yahoo-emoticon:

- - - -  -

What is your answer to the (original) question?  :)



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