Should We Delete This Section?

Should we merge this section?  

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  1. 1. Should we merge the section ("I Have A Question")?

    • YES, I don't want ("I Have A Question") to be a separate section
    • NO, Keep this as a separate section

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Should We Delete This Section?


Planning the new forum restructuring we got some mixed opinions as to whether we want to keep this section ("I Have A Question") or merge it into something else (perhaps "Other"?)


Cast your votes!


PS to be clear - we will not delete any of the posts in any case. If we decide to merge it, they will simply be moved. :) 

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JHaney - The only problem is that would the FORUM structure for a minimally spiritual..almost generic forum.

To make it spiritually complete one really needs these 3 add'l:

Add: Dreams and Psychic Powers

Add: Love & Relationships

Add: Crystals, Tarot, and Astrology

and you're good to go.

I am claircognizant and atmokinetic. Teal has like 5-10 psychic powers. These things exist.

Peace. :)


People are spiritually lazy. There is no easy button.  "I have a question" is a lazy category. We can ALREADY see the results of having this catch-all everything question category in the present forum. It imbalances the whole forum.. vampires all other sections. Everything is just plopped there.

Okay, I won't be bringing it up again. Peace :)

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I would also consider adding in the timeline type page  the questions that are being asked in all the forums, like a basic page or separete section. So like, if you are not looking to ask something or  a specific category,  you would see all the questions

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