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New Forum Sections!


New Forum Sections!



We got loads of great suggestions in the last months on new discussion sections and I have been thinking about how to make them all come to life without making a million new small sections.

Originally how we created the forum sections is this - we took the top tags and sections of the old teal tribe and put them together to structure what we have now in this forum.

I love the natural growth we've had and your suggestions. I put together a new structure the forum might have, please please please please let me know what you think! All ideas are welcome and let's create a structure we can all enjoy and new users would have no trouble with! :)

I will keep this open for a week for suggestions and then implement the new structure.

Enlightenment (Merge Synchronicity and We Are Awesome into here)
Music (Previously Sharing Music)
Divination and Astrology (Merge "Psychic" and "Crystals" here, Tarot can be discussed here too. Move "Astrology" here too as a sub-section)
World (NEW SECTION - Politics can be discussed here too since that was a request)
Humor (NEW SECTION) Should this be a subsection under Other?
Other (Make "I Have A Question" a subsection here)



Should I make Politics and Humor one section? (I'm kidding... :) )




I understand that we cannot make everyone happy with these changes and someone will always remain unsatisfied, we are merely trying to find a more optimal solution each step we take.

Thank you for your suggestions!



How about this:

I Have A Question (keep as is now as it's the most popular thread)
Spirituality (Enlightenment, Synchronicity, We Are Awesome), add a Divination sub-section for "Psychic", "Crystals" and Astrology as a subsection
The Physical World (Humor, Politics, Music, Health...)

Twinflames and Love (NEW SECTION)
Other Discussions (keep as is now)

To me, Love doesn't really fit in wither World or Spirituality, it overflows into both.

What about the main sections above having sub-sections as listed in brackets? Would that be too much clutter for you? :) 

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@GabijaCij P.S. The topics I came up really were just off the top of my head.  I don't know what DEGREE of change or UPDATE is desired or even possible. (given administration resources and/or web skills etc.)

"I have a Question" is definitely monopolizing much of the forum.. but I then see there are 9000 posts there to re-categorize were you to see the value in my comment. This re-categorization is likely a cumbersome, if not impossible, task.

Sitting on the outside of operations, I can't really comment more. I'm an ambitious & super-passionate guy, and I don't really have a middle gear.. it's 1st or 6th with me!  :o I'd really strive to make the forum dovetail elegantly into Teal's larger vision, but that may simply not be the plan at the current time. I understand. There is no right or wrong.


Thanks. :D


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Wonderful suggestions!


I feel like there is a mixed decision here:

part of the people want a few more general clean sections
and the other part want a whole load of sections.

What's your vote? :)


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I think that the main aim is to make the forum easier to navigate. That means making it easier to find the topics that interest you and see the activity. That makes the "I have a question" section too general for example, also because it used mostly for people who want clarification on a spiritual problem (for example:"should i take mushrooms?", "what is meant by ...?") or people who seek advice on a problem in their daily life. I think @Kielbasa Johansen "Spirituality & Healing" is an absolute improvement. The request for a 'politics' sections was largely due because many threads about politics littered the 'i have a question' section during the election. Now that the elections are over there probably isn't a need for a politics section right now, but there definitely is a need for a better place for possible talks about politics. In my proposition that will be a lot more directed towards the 'other discussions' section, which is not its own section but definitely an improvement.

My suggestion is largely based the proposals of @Kielbasa Johansen and @GabijaCij

Questions on Spirituality (basically the current 'i have a question section' just named differently for more specific posts)
Healing & Healthy Living (the current health section, but expanded)
Spiritual Development (this should incorporate Enlightenment, Synchronicity and psychic development. Also there has been a lot of talk about this topic so it should deserve it's own section, but perhaps it doesn't get as much attention in a few months from now and then it is easily merged with 'questions on spirituality'. so no harm done for trying)
Love & Relationships (I am actually curious about the twin flames, but it is very defined and I haven't read that many twin flame stories here to support a seperate section)
Music & Fun Stuff! (we do need a place to celebrate ourselves, celbrate lives, show your artistic works and share music. This is the 'we are awesome section'. Possibly also event?)
Crystals, Psychic & Astrology
Other Discussions

As for a measure of activity, perhaps we can show the amount of new posts in the last 7 days in conjunction with the latest post.



My suggested 'Love and Relationships' section is there because @Kielbasa Johansen and @GabijaCij suggested something like that, but while thinking about it I am not actually sure if there is a need for something like that at all. Can somebody comment on it and also explain the whole 'Twin-Flame' thing?
Also, there are quite a lot a of threads on people asking advice on (serious) personal issues, should there be a separate section for them? Like an "Ask for advice" section? What do you think?


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Good Job, Redbeard. Relationships and love life are very strong reflectors of our current state and internal magnetic qualities (i.e. state of spiritual development). Relationships are one of the primary means of personal expansion and self-reflection & evaluation.

Hence, it is HUGELY important to have a section where people are dealing with issues and love towards other people. (not just playing with abstract meta-physical concepts in their head.. which I'm super at, btw lol (so I am not totally dissing it, by any means.. and that is the SPIRITUALITY section)

DREAMS are another area where great life progress can be made, and it can bleed into greater higher-dimensional awareness, awareness of contacts of beings, and astral projection.

Psychic powers conversely are generally just PRODUCTS / REWARDS for elevating our consciousness. Teal is a rather unique case & exception  here due to all her innate gifts.. although even she says when she vibrates too low in consciousness she temporarily loses contact with her spirit guides (albeit rarely). Of course energy abilities and psychic powers can be focused on developed.. but those gains are normally tightly linked to improvement in specific awareness, sensing, or consciousness in some way.

All questions should simply be asked in the appropriate sections. Maybe this could be specified somewhere. Everyone has a question. At least have people put them in appropriate categories.

UPDATED - nixed healing.. just let it go under Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Love and Relationships

Health and Diet

Dreams & Psychic Ability

Crystals, Tarot & Astrology

Music & Fun Stuff!

Other Discussions

.RACK'EM!!  :)


 @Redbeard Soulmates don't "technically" exist. There are Soul Family members and when you have a SUPERB relationship with one during a lifetime they may be deemed a Soul-Mate. The authentic Twin-Flame relationship is more rare and one of the highest attainments in spirituality.. it is reconnecting with the other half of our soul.  Although people are not commonly in TF relationships.. it makes for GREAT TALK. ...AND.. Earth is now in a very special time of collectively ascending consciousness  where more TFs than ever ARE UNITING. (having incarnated with that life plan & theme in mind)

Some people think TFs don't exist. This is incorrect.

Peace ;)


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Keep "I have a Question" at the top, or beginning, its very welcoming. Make apocalypse a subsection of politics.

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Hi GabijaCij,

Sorry, I have not read all posts in this string before responding, but here are just a few things to consider that are independent of much of how things are organized in general.

1) I hope, as much as possible, that old posts will be retained. I would really like to not see content lost.

2) I make use of the “Latest Posts” listing a lot and would like to see that list become longer, or have link to be able to see more. Also, it would be nice to have the option to filter the list in a variety of ways. Mostly, I’m thinking it would be good to be able to see those discussion posts that have not yet been responded to yet. I personally like to have an easy way to access that as I try to give responses to those more priority so people hear something back.

3) Does Teal herself ever respond to forum posts, or start any discussions. I think there is confusion around this, especially in the forum category “Ask Teal”. I find myself jumping in to respond, but then providing links to Teal videos that I think may be helpful in a response. Thus the response could be thought of as being at least partially by Teal, in that it includes some of her teachings.

4) I’m aware that one of the forum rules is “Do not post advertisements, or referral links to other services.” If, as a matter of discussion, I’m wanting to provide a link to another website that does not belong to Teal, is that considered another service? For a concrete example, I was recently responding to a post that talked about different spirituality of different religions, and the person mentioned Buddhism. I was quoting some on why I didn’t view Buddhism as religion in western sense of religions. I wanted to provide a link to provide credit for what I had written, but felt I might be violating the rule if I did so.

5) Teal has created a huge number of extremely informative videos. I’m wondering what might be doable in terms of organizing them, and how that might possibly connect with the forum. For example, I could imagine a table or spreadsheet somewhere on your site that along the vertical column might contain the title, and link to, all the videos, and then along the horizontal was a list of topics, or key ideas. The table could be interactive in the sense that when scrolling through it vertically or horizontally, one could always see the left hand column with videos, or at least as much as would fit on the page, and likewise with the header. Further, one could click on header column subject, such as as “Parenting”, and all the videos with specific insights to that would filtered by that subject. And the list could be further filtered yet by clicking on other headers.

6) Relative to my idea just above about videos, it would be helpful if the subjects also corresponded to forum subject areas, and there was a way to jump easily between them. So, for example, if you were looking at the table, and saw the column subject “Parenting”, there would be forum link just below the the Parenting that would take you to the discussion area in the forum. Likewise, at the forum, there would be a link that would take you to the table, filtered already by the subject parenting. I realize that there would be significant work involved in setting this up technically, and perhaps a lot more in just identifying what videos connect with what topics. But at least for the later, you could probably find volunteers to help with that. I would be one. As it is, I’m constantly going back over videos trying to see which I should recommend people watch based on their blog post questions.

7) The idea above could also be expanded to include quotes, and perhaps even blog posts of Teal’s. And perhaps even outside resources that Teal and her staff approve of if Teal wants that. The ability to link content for providing more information on subject of interest is, I think, a very powerful way to use the abilities of the internet.

8) For those, like myself, that like to post a lot of responses, with a sincere desire to help others in this way, I’m wondering if there could be any kind of training or support organized. Something that goes beyond just posting rules and helps people to help others through the forum. It might be something like becoming a completion process practitioner, but instead be focused on helping members post the best possible responses they can for other members. Or perhaps it is just a discussion area where people discuss what is helpful or not in how they respond, and can get feedback on how to be more helpful through the forum.

I hope this helps! Thank you for all your efforts to maintain and improve the forum. I wish you the best. - Aaron

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