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Global Mass Meditation 11 April 2017

HI Tealers, there is a global meditation happening tonight (see links) please share here and with any of your groups and friends. Here I have included a cut and paste...we can can help if we all pull together - there are meditation videos in all different languages so everyone can take part but even your own meditation will help... Many thanks in advance to all Tealers and to Teal Swan's forum for allowing me to post this: 

"I have been pulled towards a group meditation for the planet, collectively using the Golden Frequency energy as a catalyst from multiple places around the world acting in harmony with each other.

Come to find out, there is already a massive worldwide event that COBRA has scheduled for tomorrow (4/11/17) at 11:08PM Pacific/ 1:00AM Eastern time that can be found here with instructions already in place.

If you wish to follow along with their meditation, please do, I was planning on adding a few steps and key differences in the meditation. Steps are as follows.

1.) Use gentle abdominal breathing around 11:00PM Pacific time/ 1:08AM Eastern to begin relaxing yourself into a state of calm and tranquility, breathing open the body while visualizing the breath unknotting anything stuck and tied together on the physical, emotional, mental, neural and energetic levels. Sink deep into the breath, but stay aware of the time.

2.) Say out loud and energetically from the heart, "I am making my stand for planetary liberation.

3.) Light your body up light a Golden Sun....a human shaped point of brilliance, and begin to push your energy out the body in a golden sphere around you. Breathe into this light, using the urgency of humanity's dire need for healing and relief as fuel to light this fire. See this light begin to dissolve any darkness around it as it begins to transmute the energy around you. From your heart begin to push out to the other people who are doing this same energetic practice and begin to connect to each other in a web of brilliant golden lines that shine through the darkness.

4.) Stay in this connectivity until comfortable that the connection is strong, and begin to shift the focus up. Connect to the Galactic Central Sun and visualize your light and the light of the people connected to you reaching up to a brilliant Golden pillar reaching down to us. Pull in the flow to the heartspace, and begin to shine downwards to Gaia. Conect to each other through the planet, activating the Leylines and cleaning out anything stuck or stagnant in between everyone in the web and keep this connection/cleaning open for at least 5 minutes

5.) Take your focus to all the areas affected by the physical Cabal military forces on the planets surface such as Africa, the Middle East (specifically Syria), the USA, the UK and various parts of Europe, Australia and Asia. Everywhere there is a major military center, there is also a negative vortex that is being powered by the dark energy being created there. Note: It does not matter which way you see these spinning or eve if they are not spinning, there will be a feeling of wrongess to it. However you iterpret this wrongness, be it spinning in the wrong direction or existing where it shouldnt be, visualize it reversing on itself. What will be felt is an unwinding of nasty, negative energy and once it hits the perfect 50/50 balance, it will be much easier to push into a positive spin/frequency. Focus on correcting this spin for at least 5 minutes.

6.) Connect into Gaia and stoke the Divine Feminine aspect of her that has been caged an attacked for millennia, gently bringing this warm, nurturing energy to life in beautiful golden/pink bubbles of happiness and love. Once felt as if she is bubbling over, direct the "overflow" to anyone in need. Innocents trapped in a war torn wasteland, men women and children enslaved in the human trafficking sex trade, anyone who is having their basic human rights violated, anyone who is hungry or thirsty and everyone to a lesser degree who is trapped inside the prison Matrix with us. Hold onto these vibrations, hold onto this love. Hold onto each other."

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