Need help to interpret this dream.

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Need help to interpret this dream.

So first off, I rarely dream. And when I do dream I don't remember it for more than some minutes after i woke up. However this night I knew I dremt something important since it's about five hours after I stopped dreaming this. (I woke up checked the clock and fell asleep again. Dremt something completly diffrent but that's because I where half awake) 

I have this feeling that something is trying to tell me something - either my subconscious or something greater. And i have this feeling that its REALLY important for me. So please help me understand this;

[I and some other people where visiting a sort of tribe in a rainforest kind of place. What I mean about this is that there where this extremly healthy forest with big trees, LOTS of healthy green colours everywhere and that there seemed to be this freshness in the air that you only can feel when you are deep in a forest just after it has rained. The tribe people where what I consider tribesmen in the rainforest to look like. However, they were fully clothed in loose brown leather garb. Pants, shirt and some other things. And something else that strikes me a bit od now after, is that everyone of the tribespeople where either somewhat old or really old. They all gave off a wise precense.

While moving around in this place I stumbled upon a shelf of books and scrolls that where for sale. I emidietly stopped everything else I where doing and started to look through the small collection. We are talking about maby twenty books and scrolls... not sure exact numbers, bacause I found this scroll that resonated deeply with me. The scroll was somewhat plain with some metal at the ends.(memory is a bit foggy, sometimes I'm sure it were some brass/bronce material other times I can swaer it where iron-ish) It where sealed, so I could not peek on the content. All i could see where the title of the scroll and an "undertitle", that felt like it belonged to a serie of scrolls. I did not know this since the words were foregen to me, but still I could get a sence of them.

As I looked at the other scrolls nearby I found two other scrolls with the same "undertitle" as the first! So in total there where thee scrolls in what I felt where a series with information about things that I knew I needed desperetly. Like a series of skills or certain knowledge that would help guide me.

As all things thiese scrolls had a price. It where a hefty price for buying all three. In fact, I needed to pay most of what I had saved up, but I knew that this was proberly my only chance of getting my hands on three of the scrolls in this serie, and that the worth to me personally where much more than the price and that it would be worth it. Eaven tho i knew i would have a hard time living foor a while after. So in the end I decided to go for it and took out most of my savings. Blurry again at this point, but I'm quite sure I bought them succesfully since I were deeply satisfied later on.]


So, to me it seems like I should somehow invest myself in some kind of skills or to get the knowledge about a certain subject(s). And that I need to value the things I need for its value for myselfe and not the material value. (or something like that) IF this is the case I feel a bit lost since I don't know houw I'm supposed to get this started...

Thank you for taking your time and reading all this ....and don't mind the grammar and such. ^_^

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It seems pretty obvious to me that you are looking for wisdom.   You said that yourself.  But the question is what kind of wisdom?

Here is my attempt at wisdom.  It seems to me there is a struggle between learning and growing as an individual (which is important and we all have to do that) and connecting (which is also important and we all have to do that too)

From what you have said, it sounds like you are in a "learn and grow as an individual" phase.  Did the dream give any insight into what area you want to learn and grow into?  You said you got the sense of what the scrolls were about even though the language was foreign to you.   

Good luck on you quest, wherever it leads


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I have no idea what where in the scrolls. Just that it where something that I needed.

I'm definetly in a phase where I'm activly trying to grow as an individual. I feel at the moment that practising Mindfulness and shadow work is the way to grow mentally. And I have this plan where I will travel to China and live there for a year to learn Tai Chi to get in balance physically aswell. My goal is to fuse thiese two paths together (Mindfullnes + Internal Martial arts) to get the greatest potential out of myself.

This jurney will proberly start this autumn if nothing unforseen happens.

And then there is thiese three scrolls appering. I feel that the martial arts and mindfullness are perhapps two of the scrolls. (Blindly guessing) But then again... what could the third one be? (I've thought about this dream all day.)

I feel somewhat lost in all of this since I'm somewhat new to all this... well to do it consciously at least.

Thanks for your reply @Scot

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Very interesting.

What this dream reminds me (my first though ) is a psychological game that helps to unlock any hidden potentials of every individual.

The game also starts that you suppose to take yourself to a certain place and find a hidden box. If it's a building then you get to choose a room you wish to visit. Then for ex, you found a box on a table. Then you open a box and there's a scroll. You write down on it anything like "artistic skills" and put it back, I think. Some people don't really see(can't imagine) a box but see switches on/off. Then you suppose to do the same -write the skill or knowledge you wish to experience and turn the switch On.

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