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What I did was.

Studying: Tesla frequenties. Dr Raymond Royal Rife Frequenties of bacteria Dr Hulda Clark celbiology and frequenties of toxins and human cells.

Golden ratio, fabrizzios numbers in relation to nature. Dan Winter on kundalini/graverty/wavelenghtes/golden mean ratio and the rest he is publishing.

Freud regression. Sadhguru vision of life and the mind body ego and awareness. Leo guru. vision on the God particle. Meditation/yoga/accupressure

Lucid dreams chakra's OBS. The exact constuction of a traumatic experiece on a pshicical/energy and spiritual level. Vitamins what they do on a cellulair  level.

Health foods Silver water Monotomic Gold. And Water what is it why is it and finding a way to clean it so its non toxic and life giving and the effect of giving it lovely attention.  What are dimensions 

And ofcours all the Teal has offered us which covers about everything listed above. Just different perspectives

Books are many but I list a few.

Ageless body Timeless mind from Deepack Chopra

The sercret from Ronda byrne

The Thirth Alternative forgot writer

The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers

The Cure for all deseases Dr Huld Clarck

Smart Drugs dunno writer

Two Thirth dunno writer

Well many more but most of all this you can find on the internet or order pdf's on it

So the way I took Is from the smallest protain and working towards oneness or god or total awareness.

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