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Do we need a diploma if we create our own reality ? Because I'm already seeing myself struggling on the streets and I'm become more and more alone because of my belief in following my heart. Do you have this problem ?

Like following what feels good makes you alone, because you can't commit because you value following your heart more than anything else ?

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I do struggle with this , I will say  that the more I stand for my Own Truth, the more often I find my self standing alone ( I guess it could be a test) .  I suppose it's not any one else's job to stand for my truth. But I do believe that there are many others standing "Alone .....Together" and in that sense we are never truly alone. However, I feel that sometimes the majority is trying to just go with the flow , and if that isn't your truth then you will be seen as a resistance and in that case I believe if your truth is not the same as the environment or people or world around you ( it is very important to stay true to your self ) you are meant to create a new way by just being your self. Nothing substantial and different ever comes easy. I say follow your truth, because anything else won't be worth it as much as following your heart. 

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@Lucie you do nothing require a diploma to be successful. You do need to define success within yourself for example, is success based on the work you do, how much you earn or how happy you're? In my career I have been successful in my achievements in work and in life and that was without education. Now I have the education to go with it (as I was required to do so) and I can honestly say that for me personally it did not add value to what I do, from where I have come from.

To me, success is about happiness and futile T and my job now is only an income, even though I still love the work I do and most of the people I work with, but it is just an institution that does not fulfill me. Interestingly, the money does not inspire me at all and my organisation will never comprehend this. Am I happy? No! Did I follow my childhood dreams and achieve them? Yes! Unfortunately it is just a shallow world I work in where as I'm a person that connects deeply to those who are open to this. This means that organisationally it won't happen, but individually it will.

The only degree or diploma you need is where you are right now and who you connect with and how you create your future.?


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18 hours ago, Ana said:

Hi Lucie :)

We don't need any diploma in life. It can open some doors but not necessarily at all. 

We just need a vision for it. And if we don't have one, we need to trust the apparent darkness of not knowing. Trust in ourselves, above all.

You don't have to struggle on the streets because you follow your heart. If you truly follow your heart you will always have some kind of support in life.

There are several stages of the opening of the heart. In the first one you might feel isolated but in continuing its opening things will change. Again, trust yourself, your own heart and your own process. It takes courage and you have it for brave is the heart.

Also beware of what you claim about youself. While facing the truth of our emotions is great, dwelling in self-reducing statements will not help in the long run.

I AM is the most powerful statement. What you say after it is highly creative, specially if strongly believed in and repeated.

You will be well, Lovely. For Lovely is the Heart and the Heart lives in You.

The world is changing and opening. And Love will rule it :) 

Ana you are a blessing to what is, I see you, thank you! x

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Thank you all for your answers.

How do you manage to follow your heart in a human society ? I don't get how it can go along with commitment and social life :0.

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