My Breatharian / Pranist experience

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My Breatharian / Pranist experience

Hi everyone,

Between the lunch of October 1st 2016 and the diner of October 19th, I ate:

  • One corn chip (not two chips, but one chip),
  • Water (bottle water, nothing special),
  • Four coconut water bottles (around 50cl each),
  • Three pills (regular size) a day of passiflore (from John of God center in Abadiania) for the last five days,
  • My saliva.

Period. For eighteen days. And I kept walking one hour every day to the very last day. This post is my experience sharing.

Back in September, I felt my life, especially my spiritual life, stuck in the rut. To jolt it back on the road, I decided to pursue an month old interest for pranism and a trip to Joao de Deus in Brazil. Soon, my research on the web excited me and I decided to prepare myself for it, eating only raw food and no meat. Because I always used to often eat only two meals a day, I decided to eat only one per day, to see what's happening.

As I learnt about pranism, my "philosophy" around it became clear. There's many techniques purported to enable pranism (sungazing, positive emotions, meditations, special breathing, etc.), the energy being thus "fed" into the body. I've never been fond of anything astral and it started very soon to sound to me like a rehearsal of the same delusion than the physical one, although at an astral level, thus a bit closer to the causal one. Instead of believing we're physical bodies needing physical food for our physical beliefs system to be satisfied, we loosen or even remove that layer and believe we're astral bodies needing astral food for our astral beliefs system to be satisfied. Some account for pranism were even grosser to my taste: they try to explain that some special physical features are enabled somehow by pranism and that everything is more or less still happening at the physical level, for instance that we would be drinking the water in the air. I believe in none of those, save for the power of intent and faith: if you strongly believe in some thoughts system, it will eventually become your own beliefs system and be virtually your reality. As far as I'm concerned, God created the matter, the astral and everything, God created me, God can recreate me anytime, hence no food is ever needed.

But as fasting went fine, I got even more excited and decided to try open-endedly pranism itself with the following guidelines:

  1. Falling to the ground or failing to get up means eating again. I don't want to try suicide but pranism. I allow for dizziness when I stand up, because I had some getting up even when eating. But I needed to draw the line between giving the transition to pranism a chance and staying sane.
  2. Drinking water. I did not want to risk liver stones if the transition isn't smooth, and staying active while only drinking water is already enough of a proof of a successful transition to pranism. I could always stop drinking later, no problem.
  3. Watch primarily the two of the three criteria for a successful transition: the evolutions of the sleep needed and of the level of overall energy. The third being my weight, a criteria that I believed followed the overall energy anyway.
  4. No meditation/sungazing/breathing technique/whatsoever. I'm not nearly as much interested in exchanging reliance on physical food for some other ritual than the very feeling of being free, of just being, without any need, any maintenance required, just perfect, just fine as I am. I grounded all my experience on all the work I did before on my beliefs.

That's enough to see the difference between pranism and starvation. With starvation, the body becomes sleepy to save energy, eats itself and lose weight continually and slow down the overall energy until it reaches death. With pranism, the body varies at first but eventually needs between half and a third of the sleep it needed before, and the overall energy is above what it was before pranism.

The first few days, I was very excited but ran into my first beliefs conflicts. One was about the food I purchased for some personal pleasure: was I to become some renunciate? I almost angrily ate all of my purchase, finally, only to realise how limited the pleasure actually was and how futile this belief was. That happened on the October 1st lunch. Another test was on being social: my hosts were a bit appalled that I refused to have some food with them, to smooth them into more tolerance, I accepted one of their corn chips, telling them in advance that it was only as a way to tell them I'm ok with them and food, but demanding to respect my choices afterwards. They still had a weird feeling about me offering them food and not eating even some juice. My stamina seemed normal. Nothing remarkable.

After four days with only water and that chip, I finally went to Abadiania near Brasilia. I planned the trip long before because of scheduling conflicts and decided to start pranism in the meantime rather than just waiting frustrated. My will power got confirmed by the very good stamina I had the whole trip, three days and three planes plus busses, taxis and hotels. Above the Atlantic ocean, the stewards kept asking if I was sure to refuse even a juice and seemed to just drop it eventually. Maybe asking for water soothed them...

In Brazil, I noticed several psychological further developments. I was bored and asked God what was the point of me doing efforts to get closer if it does no steps from his side too: there's still a long way to go! I also became obsessed with food; at meal time, I always checked what was available and wondered why I sacrificed the food pleasure, however small it is. I slightly compromised with my pranism by sometimes drinking some coconut water, because coconut is one of my favourite and because it's so close to plain water. I started to slowly enrage against god about my new situation. On John of God side, I got nothing but even more crying releasing on old traumas. Always good but not some final breakthrough.

After checking that some people could not walk without falling as soon as six days with only water, I decided twelve days later to announce to everyone how spiritual I turned out and about my pranism attempt. I got mostly positive answers, although very little enthusiasm.

Finally, I was offered the services of a competent medium who announced to me one more life crisis, the last but biggest one, and that pranism wasn't for me. Ignoring at the time how competent she really was I tried to focus positively on the promise of my take off—finally!—in 2017 (beginning of my career on April 20th, stay tuned, I hope). I tried to reassure myself walking the eighteenth day in a row for more than an hour in the streets of Abadiania. The predicted doom on my pranism echoed all my frustrations the past weeks. John of God then instructed an energetic massage; to my surprise it made me reconnect to my suicide attempt eight years earlier, especially when I was to choose alone between life and death, especially the rage to succeed against absurdity—the only thing I could muster back then—that made me choose life.

I got a relatively deep insight on my psyche with that event: I was doing pranism with the aim to surrender to God and from a rage to succeed. But you can't surrender out of rage. The ambiguity could last only that long and I put a binge on my plate, eat only a normal portion, had diarrhea. It all sorted itself out within two days...

I've hoped to resume pranism, but just blossoming, forcing noting, ever since. To no avail so far. I'm not ready. I've dug even further into trauma relief territory and found out about Teal Swan. I still appreciate the fact of having proved for myself that yes, such a thing as pranism does exist, that it's not just for some superhumans but for me too, eventually, and that there's not so much standing between me and God. It also confirmed much of my theory about all the breatharian techniques not being required. I've heard about physical changes as dramatic as regrown teeth (just like when you become a teenager), but can make no claim on that regard from my own experience. It's very well possible that such things do happen, they might even be "necessary"; but I still believe that the beliefs are the most crucial points and the techniques are mental crutches: if you believe, the rest will follow.

I'm no expert on spirituality and that's my two cents. For the rest, I'm mostly a book worm or have experiences almost everyone here already had...

To you who read it all, thank you for your attention, I hope it satisfied you too.



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Than you that was very interesting to read. Do you feel more or less appreciation for food after that? Have your taste changed? Can you still eat everything you ate before? Do you experience any food rejections?

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On 07/04/2017 at 1:31 AM, Garnet said:

Than you that was very interesting to read. Do you feel more or less appreciation for food after that? Have your taste changed? Can you still eat everything you ate before? Do you experience any food rejections?

My attitude to food has stayed almost the same. Its awareness only intensified. Before I thought it was pleasurable but so little that I could easily fast. Now is the same and I understand and feel even better why.  The experience was useful to me for bringing out shadow about why I was trying pranism, not for the attitude towards food itself...

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