Spiritual confusion

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Spiritual confusion

I'm confused about the diversity of the spiritual community, but have noticed a common underlying practice among spiritualists (specifically self proclaimed leaders) that confuse me. 

People who claim to be spiritual make things seem so easy--eat healthy, drink more water, take in the little things, etc. When i see people doing these things, i also see people depriving themselves from one thing or another--especially spiritual leaders. Why? 

I see them depriving themselves of what their 3d form wants or maybe needs. They can put their bodies in harm's way through dangerous practices of food deprivation, water deprivation, etc. I've learned that the body doesn't make "you", but "you" chose this vessel for a reason, so why put it through hell? To prove a point that you are above others? The body doesn't matter--having no effect on the soul? It's confusing because when i see leaders doing these things (from all religions/belief systems mind you) i see the ego screaming out, "I'm better than you! Follow my way and you will be great like me!"

Why would you deprive your body the basic biological functions the soul chose to live by? If we were not meant to learn and gain knowledge through experiences of what the body does, what was the point of joining the 3d plain? How would indulging basic needs and doing what you feel is right keep you from transcendence? 

And also, why would you want to announce you are a leader anyway? Why would you need to prove to others these deprivation techniques work, "you should follow them, and be great like me"? Wouldn't that be trying to justify your own existence through manipulation of people (ego taking over) by making claims that may not be good for someone else?


P.s. love what teal is doing!

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