Completely spaced out after open heart meditation

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Completely spaced out after open heart meditation

Okay this is gonna be a long one.


1. I'm pretty sure I have a 3D and 4D Body and my heart is already tuned (forgot the sources for those ones.


Now today as usually on Monday I'm taking part in a meditation group that practices OpenHeart meditation and ReikiTummo.


Beforehand I did meditate in a Church and did cleanse the energy in it via Reiki. That already helped me get from a completely forlorn feeling to mildly optimistic.


Then came the meditation round which was all women besides me and the facilitator .

Now with each woman in the room I had some kind of emotional issues just because I'm not used to actually socialize with women. 

Anyway. During the different stages I felt like I was shifting through different types of bodies. Emotional etc. Going from complete ignorant bliss to resentment and suppressed anger. Just by virtue of those females being around me.

The most bizarre part was during the group healing session where I was a channeler. 

Normally you are supposed to be smiling and connecting to your heart to enhance the channeled energy. And that worked for a while. However then I almost felt like becoming the incredible Hulk with my bod tending up and my face in an angry grimace.

It almost felt like something was being blasted out of me. Finally at the end as usual I became really relaxed.


Just this time I was so relaxed that it bordered on completely spaced out. Like my brain had been jettisoned.

And the most bizarre thing is that my body was still in part tensed up from lying in bed too much over the weekend and I could also feel the pain a woman felt when I teased her about her height just after hugging her good bye. Which then later amused me as it actually brought her out of her mind and into her emotions for a moment. Which seems to be difficult for her as se is a "mad" scientist which told me she started this practice just to get out of her head. (But has a har time doing so)

Anyway the funny part I found is that it all balanced out.

I hug her, she is in brainiac mode, I comment on her height as I don't feel a heart connection, she immediately feels hurt, I pick it up, say sorry. Which only migitates the pain I feel as a result a little. She then goes on to retaliate by trying to say that it's not her that is small but me that is tall. I however am already in the way out. 

On the way to eating dinner I feel a bit guilty for first offering a hug and then trampling on her feelings. However after reviewing it a little I concluded that I probably helped her get shaken up a little out of the mind zone. 

I know that this isn't completely over yet, otherwise I'd not have the desire to report about it here. But the chain of events was so unusual for me that I needed to get it out to somebody.

Thanks for reading 



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I also manifested myself a grounding video today. This week my boss told me I'd be not there and I"d need to engage with myself before I can actually engage with other people.

I discovered that I spent most of my time out of body without being aware of it. So when I tried having OBEs it never worked, because I couldn't tell the difference and I probably was already there. So no actual transition happened.


Anyhow. I now know what me being grounded is and feels like and I now have more control over actually having an IBE in body experience. X) Not my favourite thing yet as I feel like I have no control/ perception of my surroundings whatsoever. But at least I don't need alcohol to achieve the same effect anymore. 

I was told by a friend that alcohol would be grounding. And I can confirm that now. However alcohol kind of grounds you by distorting your connection to spirit. And for me the experience has been one of dullness and feeling stupid for two days of even just having a half pint. Not recommended.


But of course that's me. Other people may not be able to tell the difference and just use alcohol for turning of the mind and be more in the 2nd sensual chacra.


Same principle, just an octave lower.


Anyway, without further ado. The video.



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