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Teal Tribe Gathering Berlin, Authentic Heart Connection

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Teal Tribe Gathering Berlin, Authentic Heart Connection

Hello Dear friends,
You are warmly invited to – Gathering of authentic Heart Connection.

We want to spend a beautiful Evening, focusing on deep authentic Connection to each Other, and Collective Emotional Healing.

We will have Space to express Ourselves fully, being embraced by the Loving Presence of the Group, in the Safe Space that we are Creating together. Here, you won’t be judged, won’t be shamed, and no one is trying to fix you, or have you any other Way than the beautiful Being you are. Come as you are, with all your Feelings, all your Thoughts, you are Welcome exactly as you are.

If this kind of Event is new to you, don’t worry, If you want to be more in tune with what the group is about, watch this Video of Teal Swan,https://youtu.be/2s8I3yq-Kmo

The evening program:

- We will start at 3:30 pm with Opening Circle, 
where we connect to the Group and get to know each other, giving each other our nonjudgmental, focused Presence (don’t worry, you don’t have to say much).

- At 4:00 we are lucky that gorgeous Victoria will talk and explain about Childhood Trauma and the Importance of Emotional Healing, and guide a meditation to help us connect to our emotions.

- 4:30 short break 

- At 5 we will watch the first exercise from Teal Swan’s Synchronization Workshop,
Which is livestreamed, and simultaneously do it in small groups. The exercise could be about connecting to yourself / your inner child / your subconscious mind. 

- At 6:30 Vegan food sharing! 
BRING VEGAN FOOD. We will share a gorgeous, delicious Vegan feast / Buffet and eat together.

- At 8:30 we have our sharing and closing circle, were we express and share the experience we have.

From 9:20-10 we have Space and Time to CUDDLE, HUG SHARE and say goodbye.

The gathering is free, donations are appreciated 


- Its important to arrive before the opening circle to be in the flow of the group.

- We have ONLY 20 places (to keep the space comfortable for everyone), PLZ conform your attendance by marking going and asking me for the Address.

We are very excited About an Evening full of Love. Bring your friends, we are soo looking forward to see you and get to know you deeply ♥

So much Love to all of You
Ram, Marie and Victoria.


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On 19/04/2017 at 9:01 PM, Aylia said:

Hi, I would love to know when and where this is happening. Thank you, much love !!

Hey Aylia we o it every month 

and its open for everybody 

add me on fb and send me msg so i recognize you and i will invite you next time 





On 22/04/2017 at 2:51 PM, manu said:

hey, keep me informed in case there´s is another meeting! :) thanx

Sorry i just saw your replay !  there was a meeting yesterday and every month there is one 

plz add me on Facebook and send me msg so i recognise you 


this photo from yesterday, hope to see you next time :) <3 IMG_6432.thumb.JPG.764c5be78e6ad686feab5efd81f3ff8a.JPG


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