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My aunt, a truly beautiful person who happens to work in the Catholic Church, just sent me a book called "An Exorcist Explains The Demonic" in the mail.  She believes I am being attacked by demons...since I've always dealt with extreme paranormal and poltergeist type activities all my life...and my son, at least for a while, appeared to be experiencing them as well.  I began reading it today, but by page 10, I had a thought so powerful that I had to put the book down and email her about it.  The thought went as follows:

  We all seem to have this internal desire for the preservation of life...we wish to live as long as possible, right?  If someone offered us eternal life, we'd more than likely jump on the opportunity like a moth to a flame regardless of the cost.  I'm starting to think, however, that perhaps we HAVE been living forever...but not in the most pleasant of ways.  In fact, I'm starting to think that perhaps Hell is not some place we have yet to see...but one we have been continuously placing ourselves in since the beginning of time!  Perhaps it really WAS the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that caused death...while at the same time, confining us to an eternal existence separated from God.  The idea being, that since there is only one creator...there can be only one source perspective...unifying ALL aspects of reality.  Separating all things we perceive into "good" and "bad", "right" and "wrong" keeps us from ever perceiving things from that unified perspective.  I wonder if it's that very dualistic nature of ourselves that we internalize and interpret as "my" beliefs...which ultimately lead us to the "I'm right and you're wrong" complex, that has cursed us to this three dimensional existence from the very beginning!  Since all of us are created by the same creator, perhaps we ought to begin thinking in terms of "our" instead...since all the "goods" and "bads", "rights" and "wrongs" were ALL aspects coming from the same source.  Perhaps the very idea of "me" or "I" is all a very deceptive illusion...keeping us from ever seeing the "we", "us" or "our".  Perhaps Jesus came here with the intention of teaching both through words and example that love IS the one unifying perspective!  As simple a concept as that may appear on the surface, however, it is unfortunately not nearly as easy to put into practice.  For example, "Love your enemies" is almost a ridiculous statement...since, in order to truly love them, they would cease to become your enemies...and in order for that to occur, we would first have to sacrifice our own "I'm right, you're wrong" concept and allow love to help us see them as equally beautiful creations of the very same creator.  Something many of us would find unthinkable...hence, all the fighting, wars, and even internal conflicts as well.  It was just an idea.

(The following was not in the email, as it was an afterthought and I feel that, as it could potentially be perceived as "heretical", it would only serve to deter from the initial point...but I feel it too has relevance.) To me, it appears as though the Bible has always had the truth in there...but because we prefer to categorize things as "good" or "evil", it has become interpreted as such, and thus Satan was created as a way to externalize those aspects of ourselves we aren't comfortable admitting to.

What are your thoughts?  Sorry it was so was a lot to think at one time.  I Love You All So Much!!!

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