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Hello!So..I just watched this video from Teal:

And yeah..I discovered and acknowledged that I'm apathetic.I understood what she has said in the video,but one segment(and perhaps the most important one) gets me a bit confused.At 9:36 in the video Teal is talking about the number 3 step that I can take.She is basically saying that apathetic persons should deal with despair directly(at least this is what I understood),or deal with the root cause of it(please watch that segment of the video).Can somebody explain me in DETAIL how do I actually do that? 

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Teal talks about feeling constantly, she has many videos, even one titled "How to Feel". You can also try watching her workshop videos. The main one is "How to Heal the Emotional Body".

Short version: you need to drop into your body and feel it as much as you can. Easier said than done.

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