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subjective truth

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subjective truth

I'm listening to a podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson and I'm just thinking of people copying the way he thinks and says is true, for some reason fame has more power and is listened to rather than what we come up with on our own. I'm sure the Dr.Emoto rice experiment doesn't work for everyone because they aren't feeling anything, just thinking and they get to spread their own anecdotal evidence that the dr. Emoto water theory isn't real because they did it, and if they are famous saying that more people subscribe to their truth, nobody has a real opinions of their own, just listening to people that agrees with their current belief system. I like to hear everyone, but we only listen to the famous and popular, and wherever those people are is where the majority of the collective believe, but some small groups of people are way past that old paradigm and belief system, but they are the ridiculous ones unless they're famous. science has become a religion, and a lot of it is true, I'm not saying its a lie, but they are so closed minded, the famous ones, so when subjective truth exist who the fuck do people listen to? they don't believe in mind creates reality, the mainstream ones don't, but then when a scientist speaks about mind creates reality it turns into pseudoscience and the famous scientist discredits it automatically, slowing this evolution down. So many books and truths and its just complicated and people hold on to their fucking truth, I don't think spirituality is faith or a belief, its a part of life we haven't learned as a whole yet, some know already, born knowing this, but still religion still exists and science still gets rid of the idea of life after death, depending on the popular scientist you listen to. I'm annoyed how subjective everything is and people subscribe to fame and popularity when even their truth is subjective. I give up, I feel like keeping shit to myself now, just listen to myself and keep it to myself, shit that's why I'm quiet I hate arguing over subjective truth, I just don't care, I don't even care if people think I'm wrong, I'm just sharing my perspective that's all I am, people can take it or leave it but I'm not still debating weather god is real or whatever the fuck people are still figuring out. Listen to yourself above anyone, even famous scholars, unless they are connected to their heart, then they are saying good stuff. The heart is objective truth, its more than just love and light, eternal you telling you what truth is. 11:11 is the time lol:)

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