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Second Opinions, Please

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Second Opinions, Please

I had a clash with some folks who I believe are slimy & two faced. I feel they are doing something I believe is spiritually bad, & is disrespecting & desecrating something valuable & important.  Part of this involves my feelings of loss of involvement & potential control-to-some-extent over the situation, involving this important & precious thing. This thing ties into my life purpose. Relatively recently, something bad happened to them, not horrible, just negative. It involved them losing something precious & important to them. Was this them getting a little smack from Karma? 

I believe other aspects of this, nearly unrelated to the aforementioned clash, involves the Universe guiding me into another area of my life purpose until its time for the thing they are desecrating, to come directly back into play. Its always going to be there indirectly, due to being an aspect of my life purpose. With that being said, was this possible smack from Karma an indication that they will eventually be guided away from this thing I believe they are desecrating?

I kept this simple to prevent an excessively long winded post, & I kept it cryptic because I was threatened during the clash.

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