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Check out Medical Medium, it pretty much saved my life.

I was also told by multiple doctors that I just had anxiety. I was bedridden for 2 months, couldn't walk, I was too tired to even lift a glass. I also had all of the symptoms you talked about including acid reflux, yes I had anxiety but it was paired with a million other symptoms and it all seemed to have come at once and I felt hopeless. I actually remember writing in my journal and asking for help from whoever was listening. The very next day I came across the book "Medical Medium" and I started instantly feeling better and not only that I was healing things that I've been plagued with for years before my mystery illness ever happened. I discovered that everything that was happening in my body was because of a pesky virus as well as toxins. When you take a body that's already really toxic and mix in adrenaline and a virus...the results are not pretty. I've since been back on my feet. I'm even doing yoga everyday now. I have the energy to, so why not!I read your post and thought "wow, that's me".

Seriously, read the book. It's helped me so much. Here's the link to the soundcloud as well. 



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Hi Nemo,
I agree with you, its not anxiety alone. Are you dealing with any kind of stress? I am asking this because, it is scientifically proven that stress leads to more illness to a person than any disease. If you are going through any kind of mental or physical stress you can adopt my way in making yourself calm. When I used to suffer from body pain and a lot of stress, my mom always suggested me to go for the hydrotherapy, which is an ancient method of making body free from any kind of pain and stress. When medications failed to get me out of my problem, I thought of going to the therapy session. After one day or two, my colleague told me about the walk in bathtub, which provides the hydortherapy feature in the tub itself along with aromatherapy too. If such tubs are available, then why would I waste my saving in the therapy centers. I have chosen one time investment idea, by installing the tub in my bathroom with the help of walk in tubs Scottsdale and daily took the hydro bath. And the result is, I feel calm and happier every time because the water massage regulates the blood flow in our body and helps a person to live in peace. You should a surely try this out, it will surely help you in getting you out of your problem.


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