Astral Projection

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I've been able to astral project for a long time, but as soon as I realise Im out my body I force myself straight back in, as I find it very scary and have lots of fears. But I am also curious about it and would like  to know peoples astral projection story's.

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HI, i don't know how relevant my post is for this topic. But may someone is interested. 

My experience: I was between sleep and vibrational stage and then like waking up, i was in my parents small garden house where i slept that night due hot weather. 

And then i realize  something is different and lucid dream or something exactly don't no. but i pictured my hands like this finger-frame-square.jpg


And i managed to embed some other picture to there besides "dream" reality, and i was conscious or semi-conscious at that time.

Was interesting. 


lot of flying , beautiful nature , fast sprinting, moving things with my mind( at least it seems to be that, if i take into account that i's about focusing then we focus ourselves into reality where current movement is happening), these are my main experiences.



But i also have experienced that, about if i am aware in my dreams, i wake up, but more and more experiences further i managed to go.


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I haven't read theory on the subject, nor discplined myself to practice any specific techniques. But I have randomly experienced astral traveling many times.
Once, I visited a realm with gnomes. They were extremely humorous to their nature. At first, I felt like they were too insensitive. But then I let go of my ego and played along with their jokes. I got to be chief conductor of their choir. They sang a bit messily, like drunks. But they were always on key and very enthusiastic. After a splendid finish of an opus, they jubilated and applauded as I waved goodbye.

Am I crazy?

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and @GabijasGhost there's a number of different techniques you can try. I have experienced astral travel a number of different ways. I can tell u them all, and may be u can give them all a try and see what method works for you.

The main way I do it the majority of the time is the time where i'm just about to drop of to sleep. when your really tired about to drop of to sleep imagine and feel your body floating  upwards to the ceiling. it might not happen the first few try's, because u might forget and fall straight to sleep, but with practice I'm sure u will get it.

Another way is when I'm lucid dreaming, I always fly in my lucid dreams and because you know your dreaming you can will the dream state away and imagine yourself in your bedroom or something.

Also if you ever experience sleep paralysis, imagine yourself floating out your body, that should work. Every time I have sleep paralysis and I try and get up, I end up having an obe and it scares the fuck out of me .

Teal also has a video on it, she mentions away through meditation, which I haven't tried because I never intentionally try to have an obe it just happens. I find them scary so I rarely get brave enough to intentionally do it. the odd times i get a bit brave and try it , but then I get scared and go straight back in my body. I do meditate and sometimes jump out my meditation cause i think Im gonna fly out my body or something. But yea maybe through deep meditation could be a good way for you. look at teals video on astral projection.

Good luck!

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