spirituality is a coping mechanism?

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spirituality is a coping mechanism?

I don't know how I feel about this, aren't we going into this golden age? aren't people with spiritual perspectives born that way like indigos and crystals etc.?  life itself is spiritual to me, you can feel vibes, intuition, sense facades, feel truth, feel bullshit, sense unhealthy egos, all this stuff. Are we not all here to wake up or just me? why are out of body experiences necessary if seeing that is a coping mechanism? life is one big mirror, the way people see you is how you see yourself, it isn't biased, its just the mirror projecting what you are giving it. I think being connected to your heart is very normal, and would love the entire world to be there. In this life not talking about spirituality I'm androgynous, to represent that energy for everyone because I am everyone, I wish people knew I was them, this is my thing, to express this perspective fully knowing some will not believe me or understand me or think I'm lying for whatever reason, but its my perspective. I hate that I have to love myself more than people hate themselves, I am them, gay people are them, crazy people are them, anomalies are them, this is why I think social anxiety exists, that lack of love from ourselves and we can feel peoples disapproval from themselves but they project it in us. I do feel like I'm in the stone age sometimes, like love for example what I see from people is lack of love for themselves or they find people's pain attractive and try to heal themselves through other people or find people like their parent attractive, very little whole beings knowing everyone is them and your soul/higher self actually picks your partner for you. it can sense who is capable of loving you and they feel like a magnet, and it doesn't come from a place of lack, just you love you and this person is perfect for you, so your soul(internal guidance system) picks a partner for you that is compatible for you, the original marriage I think. if the ego picks it will be a learning experiences for sure, but the higher self listen to that, and that would be considered spiritual, not sure of its coping, its just a part of life, we all have access to it, anyone evil is just disconnected from that aspect of themselves or they wanted to experience being a atheist, but that's different. constant positive focus would be a coping mechanism, life is very messy I hate that we pretend it isn't. Everyone is a aspect of you believe it or not, even beings outside of your species, I'm so ready for this shit to be common sense!

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Hi Alex7,

With regards to spirituality being a coping mechanism, I think you are referring to Teal Swan’s video or article, Spirituality: The Great Coping Mechanism

I don’t think anything is certain about the future. But it seems apparent that we are living in emotional dark ages. And that however we are born, through experience we have with our parents and society in general, we can become less conscious. Are we here to “wake up” and who says out of body experiences are necessary? For myself, I like to think I’m born from the intention to experience joy through love. I also like to think as I get better at doing this, it transcends the more judgmental notions of “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”, or even my ego’s attachment to the idea of awakening.

But what does it mean to love anyway? I’m guessing even source consciousness is still trying to fully figure that out. But I suspect that to love someone or something starts with an acceptance (as is) of that which one loves. Thus the imperfections of people, and of life in general, may be what’s needed, ironically, to enrich the experience of love. If we are perfect people living in a perfect society, how could we experience any form of love that required acceptance? There would be no challenge. And I would venture to say, no life either. The very purpose of coming into lower dimensional reality would be missing, I would think.

Teal has described being alive like going to the movies, but for our spirit. Think of how many great movies revolve around some kind of challenge to be overcome. Some danger to avoided. And most of all, character development. If we consider the ego to be that part of which gives many of us the illusion of being separate from each other, it is also paradoxically that which allows us to understand unity. For it is only in contrast to what something is not that we can understand that which something is.

There is a lot of suffering in the world, and it only makes sense that people might be attracted to spirituality as a coping mechanism, a tool to help cope with the life they are experiencing, as opposed to a way to actually resolve the problems that are causing the suffering. And I think this starts with being more accepting of ourselves and others, just as we are. I think everyone is wonderful, but many of us are just not aware of it yet. As we awaken, may we find more acceptance, compassion, and love each other as we are. Which paradoxically, I think, is where we need to be to make things better. I wish you the best, and hope this helps.


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