Perfect imperfections?

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Perfect imperfections?

Hi! I just joined and this is my first posting. But I have watched many of Teal's videos, read many blog entries, gone to a synchronization workshop in Portland, Oregon, and will be going to another soon is Las Vegas. I feel I have gained many insights, and I'm making huge changes in my life. And in the process, I have renewed my hope and excitement for the future. (Thank you Teal! ) I feel like I've come a long way towards a more conscious way of being, and in various ways I try to encourage and be supportive of the growth of others as well. But as Teal shares herself, and I experience first hand, it continues to be a journey towards a more awaken state, with falling back into old ways that are not as high of a vibration, not as loving, not as awake. I try not to resist these moments, or be critical of myself, but rather just go back to following joy when I'm ready. But I wonder why we fall back. If one understands numerous spiritual truths and endeavors to practice them every day, why do we backslide? Is the answer different for everyone? Is it simply because no one is perfect? Or is it that we are perfect in our imperfections? Does source itself even have the answer to this?

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