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What is the best way to nuture your Intune child?

my daughter is very Intune ever since she was born really she is 3 now. she tells me my mother who passed 1.5 years ago visits her most nights and give me lil messages from her, even in the day time when it's quite I see her tuning in, she has a amazing memory remembering things from when she was only a few months old. when Iv had readings they tell me how Intune she is, she ultra sensitive to noise, and struggles in large groups and busy environments which wasn't good when I use to send her to preschool she hated it, 

so far I just deal with it by acknowledging what she is saying  and being a calming energy when she is overwhelmed, but unsure how to nuture her gift and not suppress it as I don't want to put thoughts in her head either I want her gift to be authentically hers and her to create her own beliefs and experiences

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She needs to learn a form of expression and as long as your a good parent the rest should fall into place.  

All children are in tune in some way they just need to be taught how to channel what they're sensing into something that encourages the growth of their abilities.  

Most children just need to not feel as though their not the only one which in this day and age children seeing ghosts and having sensitive hearing is more common than she would believe.  

Look up some YouTube vids of other children that can see ghosts and auras with her that way she knows they exist and move from there at her pace so she's comfortable.

Be mindful that just because she can see ghosts and maybe even hear certain sounds doesn't mean she wants to practice that or that she even came here to learn anything esoteric/spiritual.  Her birth here could be to learn the value of something different.  It'll most likely have to do with whatever she has the hardest time grasping the hang of as to be balanced right handed people have to learn to use the left hand.  

That doesn't mean things she doesn't like should be forced on her either that just means that she might suck at sports or something which can be good for strengthening her willpower by fighting against the probable odds.

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I listened to a podcast and a guy over heard a 3 year old ask a 1 year old or around that "tell me about heaven, I'm beginning to forget." some people don't forget and kids know to listen to themselves, this is in them, but that shuts off once they hear no no no over and over again. like "I don't want to go to school" "but you have to" having a bunch of those experiences just shuts off that connection and they stop listening to it. if they have sensitive senses they don't even really need to talk, they can pick you up already and at night that third eye turns on and you think it you see it, so don't play scary movies for them. love them, accept them 100% of course.

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