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Gambling addicted bf

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Gambling addicted bf


Hi guys, I am looking for some advice.

My bf admitted that he was addicted to gambling when we started dating. But, I thought that he has got sufficient willpower to put an end to that. But, he is in huge debt now. He demanded a portion of the money, which my parents have transferred to my account for the wedding expenses. When I discussed this with my parents, they told that they would allow that only if he underwent a gambling addiction treatment. I do not think that he will be willing to undergo an addiction treatment. How can I make him convince about the need of this treatment?

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On 8 March 2017 at 7:48 PM, marshallblankinship said:

My bf admitted that he was addicted to gambling when we started dating.... huge debt now... wedding expenses...

Hey @marshallblankinship, Sorry to reply only now, but the thing that attracted me was that you only had one reply from @Redbeard.
This may have gone to a natural conclusion and yes, Redbeard's advice and your parents advice were both in your best interests, but...
"bf" first, then "wedding" phew, punishment...
I have a feeling you totally ignored all the warning signs from friends, family, people on the bus, the therapist, parents etc. and totally ignored the internal feelings that were screaming at you Nooooooo... and you went ahead anyway. Correct - yes-no?

So what has happened since then?

My advice would have been at the time, to fucking run as fast as you can - you can't save bf cum fiancé even though you may feel like trying.
They will lie and cheat and drag you down, pull your family apart and yet, with love and compassion and sympathy, you may be able to show them to the therapist's door - for them to fool you all over again. The thing here though, is you may wish for this experience in your life; to experience someone else's abandonment and lying and cheating as part of your Life's Purpose. So, which resonates with you - which feels right out of the above?

And when you reply, I hope you can be open and honest on a public forum because it may just be what you need right now  :-)
crystal Rob

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