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oh life..

it is kind of weird to experience separation, knowing nobody has the same perspective as you, even when you have your connection to your higher self it gets translated to your ego and someone else's ego and we ignore the vibration in-between the words, the ones who cant feel intension and emotions. Come in forget you are god remember you are god then know why you experienced that contrast because it would benefit you and be your motivation in this lifetime. become self actualized just to realize nobody is self aware of their subconscious projected outwards into their reality, born into a programmed world with tv and you have to wake people up, that is what your higher self wants you to do, wake other people up and tell them their subconscious is projecting their reality outside themselves, there is no difference, that's the game down here, that's the illusion. If you are shy you also love attention, if you are nice you also have a temper, if you hate money you also love money, we have both polar aspects, I'm just ready to live in a world where everyone knows this shit already, I have so much resistance down here still. I express myself fully and people leave because they hate the mirror looking back at them. Out of date relationships, out of date love, out of date parenting, its just old and I'm one of the souls volunteering down here going god damn this place evolves slow, living in a world where love is rare is painful, seeing shitty parenting is painful, seeing how people buy into this dumb tv standard thinking they have a ugly body or fat is painful, its just so much subjective truth. I saw a post the other day saying veganism and vegetarianism is not for everyone and that annoyed the shit out of me because that is true based on your own belief systems because you create everything down here, fuck the vibrational engine of the human body just go all physical and eat your meat, its not like we are multidimensional or anything like that(sarcasm), whatever justifies your action. I'm just tired of having this homesick feeling, love to me is home and fuck is it rare down here :( I love you all though and I know life is very difficult and we all came in to experience very different experiences I'm just resisting my blue print, so much energy in me wanting to come out but the resistance down here is intimidating, the perspective of a indigo with green and a little white and some violet but I think that's just my crown lol. anyway have a good day/night it will get better I'm just experience this chapter of my life. contrast is a very normal thing down here, also please start seeing earth as a living entity because that's what it is, it isn't a spiritual thing there's just different forms of life humans can't understand yet, know that every time you go into nature if you do.

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