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Gost or what?

Hi Teal, and thanks for all your teaching. Yesterday I spent all afternoon and more, looking at your videos and films and interview with and films about Nikola Tesla. I am a little afraid for the unknown, but still very curious. When I tried to sleep I felt very clearly someone in the room, not a friendly entity because i shivered and felt cold. I have felt something before but not this clear. I heard ghosts in my parents’ home, even as grown up so there is something, but what, and what can I do? This ghost isn’t nice. In the other room I have a picture of Jesus, he looks very friendly but also a little appealing and so quiet. I am not religious, the reason he is there is that I rent this apartment with a wonderful view, all I see when I look out the window is sky and sea.

An other thing; whenever I close my eyes I can see the most wonderful colors, forms and patterns, which I wish I could take with me and make something of when I open my eyes but it disappear so fast, new one comes all the time. Nature, fabrics, clothes, jewelry etc. I have no artistic skills whatsoever so that is not possible even if I should remember. Is it a glimpse of another dimension and why do I get it? Should I try to develop my spirituality even though I am scared?

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Hi Olanea, 

I know that movie, it depends how deep you will allow yourself to sink in. Imagine each second you creating highly charged balloon in your akashic records personal memory, and these balloons recooperates with other balloons and effects with negativity. More you will try to protect your self more you will create to to protect from, so don't waist your time for that. In these days media around us and we like in microwave, but we have a free will to to choose what to what to watch, listen, where to walk, watch Teal video ,,how to rise your frequency,, Pick instead nice or funny videos, nice music, make a list inspirational movies, watch Sadhguru, make nice vegan food,  choose to fill your body positive stuff before sleeping and next morning will be magical different.

best wishes

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