Greetings from 1993

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Greetings from 1993


1992 East 17 - House of Love 

"One love, one god." And the mv features ank jewellery. X)

1993 Culture Beat - Serenity - https://itun.es/ie/JqkiE

Most popular song - Mr. Vain

The other songs are interesting however the crowns are the Prolog and Mother Earth.  24 years ago this was released. I remember hearing all those songs and them having a spiritual connotation to them. 

1994 Gods Groove - Back to nature - God's Groove - Back To Nature - YouTube

1994 Capella - U got 2 Let the Music - Capella - U Got 2 Let The Music (H.D TRACK) - YouTube

1994  Pharao - There is a Star - Pharao - There is a star - YouTube

"Whatever you wish it will be done…" - no comment. 

1999 Magic Affair - Omen III - https://itun.es/ie/-QlFq?i=276609794

1999 Back Street Boys - Larger than life - 

"How your love is affecting our reality "





I guess in 2001 we got too enlightened and 9/11 had to happen.


I just re-listened to Culture Beat's serenity and until now only having paid attention to Mr. Vain I was surprised to discover the "Mother Earth" track on it. Until now I haven't felt called to listen to it I guess. Not that it wasn't there before. Or was it?




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If the original "Back no Nature" was good and inspiring. This remix that I just heard for the first time will send you into the Astral. x) It's insane. 


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