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Hi everyone, 

I just joined the community, hope everyone is doing well. Greets from Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. 

I have been doing a lot of self work thought Teals youtube channel, there is one aspect that I was looking for and couldn't find and was hoping that you all can help me with. 

I have trust issue due to many happenings in my life, thankfully I am aware of it however I would want to work on this as I believe that I am keep attracting this in  my life. 

If Anyone can help me that would be great! Or if there is any video of Teal that you think can works best on me that would be perfect.  

Have a wonderful day everyone and Thanks a lot 

kisses and love from Dubai 


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Hi Missy,

Teal has done a few videos and more regarding trust which I've listed below. A lot of people have trust issues, perhaps everyone. Trusting others, or even oneself, can be very challenging indeed. But what kind of life can we live without doing so? Personally, I think the key is doing all the you can to raise your own vibration including being very trustworthy to better attract into your life others who can be trusted. Further, to discern as best you can who you can trust and to do so gradually.

Despite all that, your trust may be betrayed by someone at sometime. To some extent, that seems assured, I would think. But I would much rather be someone who had their trust betrayed, than someone who could no longer trust anyone out of fear of having trust betrayed. In the former, you can pick yourself up, and go on. In the later, you are just stuck, unable to enjoy life. Who can experience joy when they are constantly looking out to see who will betray them next? That's my thinking.

I wish you all the best. - Aaron


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Self Trust vs. Independence - Articles - Teal Swan

What Is Trust and How To Build Trust In Your Relationships - Teal Swan

How To Trust Yourself - Articles - Teal Swan


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