Movies you wouldn't think are about enlightenment but are

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Movies you wouldn't think are about enlightenment but are

Hi there,

Below a list of movies that nudged me along the path of enlightenment. What they all have in common is a prevailing hero in a modern setting. What I like about those movies is also the soundtrack which essentially almost makes them into operas. 


Main theme: Taking accountability for your actions.


Main theme: Unity of opposites + the Germans are the bad guys


Main theme: Love conquers all


Main theme: Succeed despite the odds


There may be more, but those are the ones on top of my head right now that I'd be able to rewatch and re-enjoy at any time due to their profundity. 


Feel free to add more.



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Ahhhh.... Good Will Hunting !! Very good interpersonal development !! Where's Robin Williams when you need him?

Dogma is a blast !!

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On 20/03/2017 at 1:05 AM, cubicleBOB said:

"The Terminal" 2004 

"Superbad" 2007 

"The Big Lebowski" 1998

I <3 movies 

Tried watching the Big L yesterday because Netflix showed it too me in a list of 90s movies and I remember it being quite profound last time I watched it ages ago.


This time however I found it to be pretty dull and uninteresting. Maybe because now I had my own opinion on these polarising topic being exhibited in the film.

Essentially I saw it as what it was. Theatre. Theatre for the sake of theatre. The mystery was gone. But still nice movie. Certainly good for waking up out of political correctness/majority consensus. 

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Not a movie but a TV show.

Gilmore Girls.

It's essentially about the challenges of a single mother that got pregnant when she was 16. But since she has rich parents her challenges are more of a nuisance than actual challenges. When a colleague suggested this one to me ca. 10 years ago I put it off as overly emotional nonsense. Now that I am closer to my own emotions however I can understand  the chaotic female way of conflict resolution depicted there.

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Never sen that TV show ( Gilmore girls)  but i think that looks like smth interesting to think about . Some have more money than others  but that doesn't mean they always get what they want. Even from my experience living in several countries I can tell that what is easier in one country is more difficult in another : child care, staying at home etc. As time goes by we will always experience differences and i guess level of our problems not as they were before. For ex., having a washer used to be a luxury and in today's time hardly anyone can live without it ?

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Split (2016)

It's about fragmentation, describes the story of a man with multiple personalities and how their parts struggle to protect one of its aspects, I loved when the psicologist gets to build trust with one aspect, it reminded myself when I am doing "parts work", validating the aspect that thinks is negative.

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Some of my all-time favorite Enlightening movies are:

My Dinner with Andre
Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati
The Happiness Prescription
Walk with Me
Hideous Kinky
Monsieur Ibrahim et Les Fleurs du Coran
The Sandpiper (for its surprisingly Krishnamurti undertone)
Nightmare Alley
The Wizard of Oz
The Lego Movie
The Fountain
The Nines
The Ninth Gate
Rosemary's Baby
Mulholland Dr.
A Dark Song
The Tree of Life
Knight of Cups

Also, these epics are great:
The Messenger
Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut Roadshow Version)
Troy (Director’s Cut)


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Also, some so-so spiritual movies:
Seven (1995)                                                     ...loved this very original psychological thriller!
The Devil's Advocate (1997)                          ...thought it was better than Dogma, lol!
Ink (2009)                                                           ...pretty cool concept behind it, similar vibe to "The Nines."
Dark City (Director's Cut) (2008)                   ...the Truman Show meets the Matrix!
Blade Runner (The Final Cut) (2007)            ...only took 25 years for a "definitive cut" of this cult-classic!
The Thirteen Floor (1999)                              ...similar concept to "The Matrix," before the Matrix!
The Others (2001)                                            ...I see dead people?

On the lighter side:
Lost in Translation (2003)
Vanya on 42nd Street (1994)
The Secret Garden (1993)

And some not-so spiritual, but still pretty cool movies:
Push (2009)                                ...liked it better than "Jumper."
Jumper (2008)                           ...I thought, at least, it was a cool concept.

(I'm a bit of a movie buff in case you haven't noticed, lol!)

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