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how do i see emotional abuse as real abuse

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i am an adult now but, i was raised in an dysfunctional violent abuse house. the more extreme versions of abuse happened between my parents. i was only emotionally abused. but i have a hard time seeing it as real abuse. i just don't think it's real....or even if it is i think wat happened to me isn't real. other ppl's cases must be more extreame. i think i'm overacting, they were not bad all the time only sometimes so thats not abuse? idk...whenever something bad happens i always say to myself this is not real. and i feel ashmed to even think it's real....i always think i don't deserve any pity and shouldn't talk about it cuz it's not real i'm being crazy and over dramatic.....

idk...i've been struggling to feel ok for years, i've gotten over most things now. but i need help seeing the emotional abuse as real abuse. i think if i can just accept and know it was real abuse i'll feel ok. 

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I have known many people who feel like you do twisted loveHave you tried any of Teals Shadow Work Processes yet?

 If your mind has been hardwired (taught) all your life that the mental abuse you encountered from those you love is 'normal', it can be extremely hard to let those beliefs go because in doing so a person is allowing themselves to know that the things the ones they love said to them were wrong. This can be hard to accept because then you may ask yourself ' if they really loved me why would they do that to me?' One thing I always try to remember is "anything negative anyone ever does or says to me is not a reflection of me but a reflection of there own internal struggles"

I found I had to really learn to love myself and listen to what my heart had to say to me, if that makes sense? 

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