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What you want to give to others

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I want to give freakishly much but a few of these things are.

1. Presence
2. calm
3. Feeling good in general
4. inspiration
5. Encouragement to pursue your path no matter what path that might be

Hopefully I can keep myself clear enough of stuff to be able to give these things as much as I want :P  

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i found out recently, that ive been on this planet for 29 years and still i didnt manage to give myself what i need or have anyone give me what i need. so i got inspired by the "filling your own cup" thing, and what i want to give you (the you who reads that) is the process i decided to try out.

basically, take a cup. any cup you like, or a glass, or a goblet... and place it on a nice place where you see it in your room or apartment or house. now what you are going to do is: fill your own cup. take time each day to write in tiny letters on a small peace of paper at least one thing per day that you feel good about, that you compliment yourself on, that you gave yourself, that made you happy, or that you love. roll this tiny piece of paper into a roll, and put it into the cup. repeat, until your cup is filled :)

when mine is filled, i am going to re-read all these little letters to myself and enjoy :)


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3 hours ago, Ana said:

No one has ever grown by having others saying yes to everything. Then do as you like.

To me this sounds like a restricting behavior. That you "have to be a certain way". I'm not suggesting doing "mean or bad" things, only that you have the freedom to choose your path.
Why would it be so bad if you did not have freedom? 

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4 hours ago, Ana said:

A "slap" in the face when you might be persisting in a path that is destroying you and/or others

Hmm I asked a little bit wrong. apologies.
To me this is what that restriction is. Something that triggered you to say this. What path is it you perceive that is destroying?

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I've been scrolling up and down but no one has mentioned 'love' I wonder why in the meantime

I can care for you, laugh with you, cry with you and......this list won't end. I guess living is about sharing everything whether it is with one's self or with others  

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