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Self love help?

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Self love help?

So I re-watched Teal's video " Self Love -The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment " and that night I decided to commit to asking myself "What would someone who loves themselves do?"

The first night was fine when I asked the question to myself the answer came like a flash of intuition. But the next day when I asked the question nothing came to me. Sometimes an answer comes and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I ask the question too often because I do have a lot of free time. Sometimes it feels like I'm making up the answer. I'd really like to commit to this and sometimes when I asked this question I'd have weird answers come to me, but sometimes I worry if I should take action on it because I'm not sure if I just made it up in my mind. I'm probably overthinking this, but what should I do if I ask the question and the answer isn't clear or doesn't come?

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