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I had a strike at work which resulted in 'aphasia'.  The government of UK require a medical sick note from an MD.  I went to the doctors surgery to make an appointment as you have to actually see a MD.  It was two weeks before the old note expired and I want to get organised.  I asked for an appointment on the Thursday before the sick note was needed giving three days for post.  However, no appointments were available and as this surgery is open Monday and Thursday I asked what I should do.  The receptionist said "If I phone at 8 am on the day for an emergency appointment.  However, as this was not an emergency I had to wait until the following Monday for an appointment.  

It turns out that that week was only emergency.  

There were obviously questions I should of asked?  Instead of blowing a fuse and damaging brain cells I need!  The receptionist are people doing their job and I just need to get a form for the Government signed.

Solution very gratefully appreciated xxx


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Hi Jean,  I hope you are doing better now.

I wish you all the luck in the world towards getting your paperwork straightened out.

I am now 67 y/o, but 3 years ago I had a stroke that resulted in 'aphasia', so I know exactly what you are going through. I now consider myself the worlds oldest and biggest ( 67 y/o, 18 hands tall, 15.7 stones) toddler. Yes I had to learn how to walk(but not very well), and talk all over again. Most people who interact with me think that I am 3/4 years old, but those who knew me before the stroke know how much hard work and effort that I put into recovery.

I wish you well on your road to recovery, how badly do you want it. . . then get up and make it happen. Love you babe.



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