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~ Today's general energies rune casting! ~ for anyone with an interest in casting :)

Past: Kenaz (ᚲ) The Torch (Vision) - This rune represents inspiration, revelation, vision and knowledge. The vitality of fire, and the power of light. The ability to forge and create one’s own reality, or the availability of a source of strength, energy or power.

Present: Thurisaz (ᚦ) The Thorn or Giant (Transformation) - This rune represents a force of destruction or defense and indicates some kind of conflict. It can represent a powerful catalyst for change, similar to a purging flame that clears everything in its path to create space for the new. This is not always a pleasant experience, but ultimately it is beneficial.

Future: Othala (ᛟ) Ancestral Property (Source) - This rune represents property, possessions, a home or some other important source, often inherited. It indicates aid in spiritual and physical journeys, a source of safety, increase or abundance.


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I wasn't sure if there'd be any interest on here! Lovely to see :) the ancient practice of reading energy with runes is not lost

If feel as if you've lost your way, today is a wonderful day energetically to reconnect with your higher self and your life calling. (It may not be optional - with the appearance of Thurisaz!) If you've been avoiding your path, distracting yourself, or neglecting your power as a creator, then today may cause an abrupt change in your patterns and force you into a different perspective. This change will open you up to what you need, in the spiritual and the material :) follow your truth.

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