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6 hours ago, Herkimer said:

How is Source "evolving" if "evolving" takes time?

Hi all!
the following is an excerpt from which I wrote to Teal. If any one of you have an insight on this, please feel free to share. Thank you very much 2764.png<3

" (...) in your teaching, you describe how soul/Universal consciousness is in the process of becoming more aware of itself by gaining experiences in incarnations, etc. (learning more about its own desires and preferences which births its knowingness of itself thus furthering the knowledge of what to become) 
But since a soul / Source exists outside of time but "gaining" experience or "evolving" as a consciousness suggests there is indeed time, I find this to be a paradox. What is the purpose of experiencing a human life, for example, if in fact it does not serve any kind of meaningful purpose, not to mention all this suffering we have on the planet.
Does "experiencing" and "learning" from the experience take any time at all in the object sense for a Soul where it resides? Since the fundamental teaching in spirituality is that the only moment existing is Now and by virtue, everything should be happening now and is being experienced also in the now. Then where does the time come in which a soul can evolve by "gaining" self awareness at all? (...)"

Time creates perspective. ...meaning. Time, and timelessness exist harmoniously side by side. Connected. Without time, there is meaningless, more or less is the answer to your question (I think.)  -paradox exists. Meaningless exists, and the meaning is created within time...or rather, found as is the subject of discussion.

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Let me reframe your question to ruminate on it better:

What is the nature of the soul?

What is the nature of the relationship between the soul and manifest life? How does growth occur in this relationship?

How is time experienced by the soul and by that which is higher than the soul?

These are not issues anyone should answer lightly.

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source isnt evolving. humans are. the humanoid lifeforms existing on this planet are evolving in their ability to... think, essentially. look at a dog, basic instincts are looking for  food fucking and fighting... we humans have developed beyond this. now things like religion, or biases based on stupid shit like your political standing, are of human invention. think a dog knows what the fuck a democrat is? weve evolved past other lifeforms in this aspect, dogs at least... but out there in existence there are others who are both getting to where we are, and those beyond us. your "soul" is indeed complete and fully optimized as stated before. but the little body it animates is getting upgraded.  hell you have the same soul in this body as the one animating those bodies many of which are humanoid like we have here on earth. and is in all of them at the same exact time. 

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The nature of occult training is that many of these super-physical concepts have to be experienced before they can be really understood. It is usually seen an a futile exercise to spoonfeed information on these things to anyone: because realizing these things is not an matter of information, but rather, perspective and experience. But the order of the day, and the nature of Teal's work seems to be, lets raise everyone's consciousness, regardless of where they are in their journey. So we can but do our best and hope to make an impact.

I am not fit to treat on the nature of the source. I am a being descended into matter: by having my perspective confined to this plane and by learning its lessons do I regain awareness and mastery of all. Nonetheless if I were to explain the order of evolution from where I stand I would grasp at a few points:

Intelligence, at a cosmic level can be defined as the capacity for reaction. In the beginning the void gave birth to the first potential. This potential reacted upon itself to create the first forces and forms. And these first primeval forces, energies and forms reacted further upon themselves to produce further complexities, becoming more sophisticated as they became more and more realized. Two other concepts I would introduce but cannot explain fully are: "There is nothing that can be known that is not manifest." and "A force is supreme on its own plane."

There have been several rounds of evolution before our own. And these helped create the framework for manifest life and matter as we know it. Our current life wave and those we see around us are said to have their source from the Solar Logos, who itself had undergone evolution in previous schemes before becoming a life-giving creator and supporter in the reality we are in today.

In the creation of a lifewave the Solar Logos sends forth what modern terminology calls a Monad. The Monad, before it undergoes evolution in our human form, evolves in several rounds up and down the planes or dimensions. The four broad divisions of the dimensional planes described in both western Qabalah terminology and in Eastern terminology are: The dense physical: The world of manifest matter that we are in. The astral: The world of forms, dreams, emotions. The Mental plane: The world of abstract ideas. The Spiritual plane: The world of archetypes. Each of these four broad divisions of the dimensions of force and form have further subdivisions. And the nature of life on each subdivision is different.

The course of the rounds of evolution goes like this: In the first round the monads descend to a level of the spiritual plane. The become elementals and helpers there, and undergo their evolution to the fullest that conditions in that round can offer. Then they ascend up to their source again. I have no idea what exactly goes on in the spiritual plane. In the subsequent round they descend a level lower, undergoing a phase of evolution in the higher plane before undergoing another phase of evolution in the lower plane, before ascending up again, undergoing further development even as they ascend, before returning to their source. This is repeated through many rounds, and in each round the lowest point in which the monad descends is a little bit lower. The work done by beings going through that has mostly to do with the manipulation of matter in that plane they are in. The nature of work done on the descending cycle tends to be the acclimatization to the conditions of each plane. And the work done on the ascending cycle tends to be a consolidation or gathering up of everything learnt as the monad returns to its source.

In our human round, we have to over-summarize it: descended back down through each of the planes, experiencing the conditions on each one all over again until we reached the dense physical and undergone phases of evolution in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms before becoming individualized and earning the human form of the soul, from which we start to look upwards and begin our journey back to the source.

Where we might be concerned with some of the juicier details is the nature of the human soul: The incarnated beings that we are, are projections or fragments of the higher soul. What the relationship between the higher soul and the levels of Self that are higher than that: The Divine Sparks and the Monads are, is beyond my ability to conceptualize.  The higher soul is that which is outside of incarnated life. It contains the permanent aspects of the human being that is taken from each incarnation. In incarnation a part of the higher soul is invested down into the physical world to gain experience and to learn its lessons. In death, that which was invested is brought back up again (to over-simplify it).

To borrow words from Teal: the meat of evolution, the transformation of the Self takes place in incarnated life, through both the joys and suffering we experience here. We might not always know the purpose of the suffering when we are in it, because of perspective is fixed firmly on the experience of the suffering here. And to say that the higher soul might have a bigger plan for us, can be too much of an abstraction, and it's sometimes a completely useless platitude for people who are actually suffering here. Even though on some level that is true.

We can use the analogy of a bunch of people playing video games or watching a movie. In each incarnation a part of us in invested in the game of Life. And from each game or simulation we learn something. But when we are in the game we are so into it that it is almost inconceivable to think of anything else as real. Because the game must be our reality for us to learn its lessons.

What the deeper purposes of suffering is, I know I do not have the moral or spiritual development to give a satisfactory answer. The lessons each of us learn here tend to be unique to each of us. With some training and development maybe we can see a little more in this life and try to align ourselves with our higher goals as much as possible, but while we are here and incarnated, we do but see in part. When we are reunited with the higher soul, then will we know even as we are known.

But can the soul change: The soul changes with each experience it goes through. Everything it learns is valuable. There is nothing that your incarnated self does that will not affect or benefit your higher self. In the same way, there is nothing that occurs in all of manifested creation that does not affect the One Source. There is a part of the One Source that is outside of creation, and another part of the One Source which is all of creation. All that is manifest is the act of the One Source become more and more self-realized.

However, I will relate all this to everyday life by saying the following: There is nothing that is not useful or valuable to the divine. If you love your pet rock, make it useful and help it evolve, that is no less precious to God than some master magician who subjects an ambitious and over-eager student to the rigors of occult training. The activities of the ant and sparrow do not affect the One Source in "less-important" ways than the works of its mightiest servants. It doesn't even matter that many of us will never fully know what the designs of the higher soul are. Follow your inclinations and desires, that which you are drawn to is usually what the soul wants to learn and experience. There is no activity or profession that is unworthy or "less spiritual". If you give a glass of cool water to a person who suffers, or if you give an isolated and unloved child a hug, that is not a lesser act to God compared to the grandiose schemes of the Sun and its angels when they plan the next stages of evolution.

The Higher Soul, it's higher aspects and The One Source all undergo continuous change: because they are alive, and capable of reaction to all that they perceive. They do sometimes observe and act on levels beyond our comprehension. And sometimes the higher dimensions have laws that are beyond our ability to understand fully. In the case of time, we know that there is order at all levels, because there is objective change. Though sometimes the universe also has curveballs that we can't understand at this level: like causes happening after their effects. But we don't really need to worry too much about these things.


If you want further academic literature on this subject. I could point you to Arthur E. Powell's books on the bodies of man and the Solar System. I would take Theosophical literature with a pinch of salt, because there are underlying agendas and self-inflicted problems in their work, but their technical treatises are good. Dion Fortune's "The Cosmic Doctrine" tries to give the entire system of evolution all at once at a cosmic level. Most traditional systems of symbology and myth have also attempted to communicate the essence of the purpose and nature of evolution.


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