Coping and Changing or Continuously Seeking?

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Coping and Changing or Continuously Seeking?

Hello there. As the nature of the question suggests, this may not entail an easy yes or no answer, but it may make you think...

The status of my life: I am an Indigo, I suppose, one of those bent of taking on authority, finding its flaws and flushing them out so as to get some change happening. I've been doing this all my life, wherever I went, without thinking or planning it, or even being aware of it. I have attracted myself quite a bit of negativity from people in high positions, while getting the mild support of some others surprised at what was going on :). 

At some point I became aware of the negativity And how it affects me per all. I'm in my mid thirties now and, without consciously meaning it, still producing ripples of social unrest with my...thinking. But a new element emerged, a new desire if you wish, and that is to find balance and peacefulness, the shifts to occur more in alignment between old and new. To be honest it is just the requirement of my body to do so. It just can't take as much as before, especially seeing other people struggle in conflict too. 

I have seen that if I stand my ground, sometimes it takes years I guess, but things change. Either that or I am kicked out. But they change so slowly and painfully for me. It just seems that people are eons behind what would be healthy for me and it seems so strange to somehow force things to open before their intended time just so "I" can be well. It's a never ending mountain to climb for me and I am just wondering if the energy expense is worth it or let it go and search for a new place that is closer to what I require. Which is again another huge energy investment.

I know you cannot give me an answer. But if people speak from their hearts and their higher self, sometimes this can bring the tiny element that can trigger access to some higher consciousness' intelligence :)) or something. If this makes at all sense to you. 

I love the people of the community where I am and I am shirtless scared to start a new life, especially with 3 kids behind me, but I am still a witch and a misfit to the leadership, and my expansion is being turned off because of the fear that I will lead people in then wrong direction. :)

Well, love....peace... And Alignment ! <3


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the goal literally is the connect with your higher self, once you are there you can have any answer and you're whole blue print will be told to you and you master yourself all those beliefs and addictions you have get you to the core of beliefs and you clear all of those layers in you, then you can see them in other people because you cleared them in you already. you become whole and don't need someone outside of you to make you happy, you're just like I got my stream on, I don't even need an orgasm lol nothing pulls at me only people a vibrational match to me and those people become magnets to you for a reason, your language becomes energy and vibes and words are just logic and left brain, not the higher self, not the non physical energy. I miss my old vibration so much when I'm not a human that I love to evolve 24/7, the standard consciousness state down here just doesn't do it for me, doesn't interest me not even a little. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, but this is what I'm supposed to do, its my blue print and the place doesn't really matter to me, I just care about being free, that's always #1 for me above everything, but this planet isn't free so I try to create as much of it as I can, but its rough!! if you have the balls to be your blue print, do it, it is source guiding you and at a certain level nothing can fuck with you, life still happens but you remove yourself from low people and the high ones come in, but some people are not meant to fit in on purpose, I love those people.

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