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Hello all!

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Hi Luice12

If you are anything like me, checking to see if anyone wrote anything (and they didn't) doesn't bode well for being a new part of a community, does it!

I mean, can't even the Moderators (those who watch and make sure we don't blaspheme or put horrible stuff up) reply back, saying, "Hey, welcome!" or something.

So "welcome" from me! I hope you meet some great people :D

Depending where you are around the world (yes, there's other places than USA), you get late replies from different time zones. For example, here I am in Nuw Zullun replying at 9.32pm on a Monday night, during chopping up fruit for our B&B guests from Canada, fruit salad tomorrow morning after giving them a singing crystal bowl sound healing session about an hour ago...

Anyways, it's fun looking at various Members' Profiles or replies to some topics. Not sure of the age limit but some replies are sure limited in their thought patterns. Some dumb bunnies around that's for sure - you can tell by their inane texting style replies... And then there are some really nice, thoughtful and deep people. Guess it depends on your Topic.

Have a good look around and try to remember, it's what you make of it and what you yourself put in. Find an Intentional Community or Members in your area or hook up to a local hangout (not that I have wanted to) and maybe there'll be like-minded Entities (wink wink) popping in to chat to you.

Crystal Rob 

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