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Parasites and fungus

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Parasites and fungus

I think I still have parasites in my body, I'm realizing that this body isn't even mine I'm just in it and sharing it with whatever is in my body. Any craving my body wants is probably coming from the parasites in my body, I can feel the difference from the soul and being fully grounded in the body, and yeah shit is still wanting me to eat certain food, it is like you are possessed, whichever parasite that is telling me to eat this or don't do that isn't even me, this is how crazy this body is, you can see the communication happening, anything my body craves isn't even mine, I don't need it, so the body needs to cleanse . diatomaceous earth and herbs it is.... now I understand the whole your body is a temple thing lol, clean it up, it has parasites in it telling you what to do.

when I was a kid I remember I would eat raw bacon....

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