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Type of Therapist Recommendation?

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Type of Therapist Recommendation?

Hi All,

I feel ok.  But I've felt ok for too long now... and my definition of ok is, struggleing with any-exit issues (Anxiety).  I'm supposedly bi-polar and on some medication for that which im fine with, but scared to go off.   And I take some Serax for anxiety, as needed... So I'm somewhat functional, but I think it just gets me by enough not to ask for more help to actually address my issues, of which I'm not entirely certain of.   I just feel like my world is getting smaller and smaller ever so slightly, which isn't good!!!

So, I'm willing to seek out the help of a therapist, but there are so many types out there, I'm not sure where to start or what kind would be compatible with somebody, that's into law of attraction stuff and whatnot.

Thanks in Advance,


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Thanks Mark,

I don't think there is one silver bullet cause to my anxiety.   One cause/trigger is feeling trapped,,, like watching a movie in a movie theatre, or crossing a long bridge...   Another Trigger for depression is unhealed wounds from past relationships where I feel that the company around other people triggers the pain and loss,,, and I hate feeling vulnerable around other people, heaven forbid I don't live up to my own self image of perfect confidence.    But as far as inner child-work goes,  I meet my inner child to see how he's doing and we talk and stuff, and When I find him sad and I ask him why, he says he doesn't know.  he's 8-10 years old... I remember haven been scolded by my Mom that "Children Should be Seen, but Not Heard."  So that's the spot where I hang out.  That safe spot.  Now, digging deeper, I wonder if I've adopted the shame energy bestowed upon my older sister, (seven years older) when she got pregnant at 15/16...  So I'll be exploring that soon.  I just feel I carry a general sense of Neglect in my energy.    

Thanks Again, - I'll re-watch Teal Video now.

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