Hi there from Mississippi

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Hi there from Mississippi

Hi. Cena here from Mississippi/USA. I am sort of all new to this. I say sort of, because I've had a knowing all my life that I've been here on this planet before and I've had these sort of whisperings telling me this and that I keep being sent back because I requested to be sent back and to be surrounded by my tribe or certain individuals (maybe the same ones each time) and I'm sent back to learn specific lessons and to strengthen and grow my spirit/soul. I've tried ignoring these impulses/memories/whisperings (whatever you want to call them) because I live in the Bible belt and though my parents were not exactly "always in church" I have been conditioned a certain way to believe all that other stuff (whisperings) is from the devil.


I have finally made the conscious decision to awaken, to learn how to become enlightened. I started Teal's Youtube video practice of Opening the Third Eye. I tried this yesterday and then last night, I had this amazing dream where my daughter and I were in a past life together and we were inseparable best friends going to prom with our gentleman friends and several details that resonated with me. The dream made good sense to me as my daughter and I have always been very connected and she has always been sort of an old soul. I don't behave like an old soul, however.  She's always been much more grounded and sensible and mature and stable, even as a young child through her teens.

I realize I'm probably rambling. I just wanted to introduce myself, explain I'm a newb and could use direction if anyone would like to direct me to what to do next. I will continue the Third Eye Opening thing for the next 3 weeks and of course I'm writing everything down in my journal that I started yesterday as a record of this new unraveling journey. God knows I am done with the confusion, with the blindly following, with the depression and being frozen in fear from doing anything with my life. I am a seeker and I am ready to begin my true spiritual path. I'm ready for answers. And I would love to connect with my higher self and spirit guides/angels/source. I want to be living my purpose(s).

So, hello. Nice to be here and I look forward to speaking with each of you and learning from you.


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Hi Cena, 

Welcome to the community :)

dont worry about people not responding immediately it takes time. 

I would really really recommend meditating because that's how I became closer to my true self. When you peel all the surface layers off you start to see your core and that's the best part in my opinion. :) 

I have found amazing guided meditations and meditation music on YouTube to do anything from opening your third eye to accessing your kundalini energy. Try it out! 

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