Can coping be strategically justified?

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Can coping be strategically justified?

I don't want to live a life similar to anyone around me or do the typical things that the majority of people do.

This has given me the openness to question the norms within our society and culture. The result of such questioning is freedom in the sense that I can now choose to follow the norm or not. Great. Except I have now become even more acutely aware of the consequences of not following the norm. I feel very torn and confused. As if I am trapped in a situation where whatever I do has a negative outcome.

I feel sadness as I always hide my authentic self, hold myself back and lie about my internal world. Yet, I am certain that if I expressed myself this would lead to conflict and consequences.

It seems like a very unwise thing to confront and tell my parents how I feel, what I want, how I perceive the family dynamics to be dysfunctional, discuss what they want, try to find resolution and make a mutual commitment to truth and a more positive relationship. If both parties aren't willing to make improvements, there will be no improvement.

I don't have the financial independence to move away from home. My mind is constantly obsessing over this trap-situation and I dread almost every day. I just want resolution, now.

Can I possibly untrap myself or do I have to cope?

I feel as if letting go of my resistance is resignation. This is the flip-side,

All you have to live with is disapproval and bad names. If we can’t pay that price there will be no freedom. -Stefan Molyneux

If I actually lived my own truth, consequences will follow. I don't know if I could endure that so it seems very unwise,

A mountain man tries to live with the country instead of against it. -Louis L'Amour

Can coping be strategically justified?

It seems like I can never guarantee that I will be able to live the life I want, and so it isn't very transcendent to continue to create suffering just because I don't like the circumstances.

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Most people are not at their blue print, meaning who they really are with the outside telling them and forcing them how they should be. if you like to read, watch movies, be in nature, cook, paint, sing, talk, think, exercise, play, express, whatever it is, its okay, nothing is wrong with any of these things, we are just trained at a young age to turn this off unless you have conscious parents already then you would already be doing that. Each person is a world, a specific perspective with its own needs and boundaries , this world doesn't really respect peoples boundaries, it forces you to do what you hate and life becomes hell and depression kicks in because you aren't your blue print whatever that is. When you are your authentic self the people come to you in your reality, they actually come to you and resonate with you and nothing sounds crazy to them, this is what ends up happening, you meet people who accept you where you are and do not carry this conditional love that makes us fear being loved. They will love you! There is no difference between a famous person doing what they love, they didn't get lucky, they are just being their blue print completely because each of us are creators, so they get rewarded naturally, this doesn't mean fame, but whatever you choose will grow and evolve, and people can feel your authentic self and want to hang out with you, you aren't like everyone else and they can feel that. You need to be around these free people who created their reality and out of the loop of people doing what they hate and call  that life, even if their life looks good on paper doesn't mean that's their blue print and what they love. try watching interviews of people you look up to and get a feel of their whole essence. We really aren't meant to be doing things we hate, that's just the agreed model for now, but it doesn't have to be. Will all do respect fuck everyone else and what they think of you, they aren't you. you are a very specific energy down here temporarily on earth to create, we create our reality, once you switch to knowing instead of believing, that's when the magic happens!

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