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Why do I keep getting sick?!

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Why do I keep getting sick?!

It's just annoying at this point, I was sick less than a month ago and also a few weeks before that. My diet is totally on point , I get at least 8 hours of sleep, I'm young, active and in great shape, my doctor can't give me a good answer and it's frustrating af. I'm not even particularly stressed, at least I think i'm not, I'm moving to a new county in a couple months for college, I'm learning how to play the guitar, I read a lot,  like  I said I also work out a lot  so i've  got plenty going on atm but I'm pretty much just relaxing most of the day and I actually enjoy working out, reading, learning guitar so it's not gruelling to me, now i'm not exactly the most social person in the world, i'm kind of isolated but i've been that way for years and I didn't keep getting sick like this because of it so what's changed? I'm healthier now so if anything I should be getting sick even less than before, right? 

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11 hours ago, Mark Joseph Middleton said:

One possibility:

You detox old junk out of yourself when you do a frequency shift. Your body can't hold it. This is quite common and will pass, depending how much junk has to come out of you

You can speed up the process by doing an internal cleanse, or to a lesser extent a small detox.

Good news is you just went up a notch in overall frequency :D You may find these 'sicknesses' can be mental detox too or spiritual, they come in a variety of ways. But there is nothing wrong with you, your just getting rid of what no longer serves your life at that point.

Another possibility, if these illnesses happen many times in a row, is you are having an allergic reaction to something for example, and you can test for that if it happens on a regular basis. You can even self test and try different foods, but that's more hit or miss. 

Wow, that definitely makes me feel better, I hope it's true.

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