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Yes please! I have the same problem!

My sisters are very envious of me, (they are older) they try to dress like me and talke like me, and at the same time they say I'm too lazy and spoiled or thay they are prettier because of their brown hair.

They are very hostile to me and tease me because of their envy. 

I used to suffer a lot of bulling because I was the only blonde with blue eyes in my classroom. Im always very lonely because of people jealousy. Girls can be so mean.

At fist I was like :Please take all of my things, I don't want to cause pain to nobody... I used to try to get uglier to get more friends. I used to dress in ugly colors and no makeup... just to make it stop.

But now I' trying to be as pretty as I can be... but people get really agressive.. and it drains me so much.

Lately I feel I cause people pain just by existing... and I don't know what to do.

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I had the same problem with my sisters. I can help you, I hope we can chat one of this days.

When you came into  your family you loved them all, your parents and your sisters. But your sisters couldn't love you back, they don't have this ability. So you became dependent on them, wainting for your desire to be fullfiled by them. You don't have a sense of self that is why you suffer so much.

I am sorry to tell you this but they won't change. 

I suggest you to meditate, to know yourself and to offfer yourself compassion for this situation. 

Don't try to change them or to hate them. Don't speak with them about your problems or about your succes. Spend time with yourself, love yourself, then find friends outside your family.

I can assure you that the Universe will send you people who can love you as you are.




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