Low Milk Supply for my newborn

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Low Milk Supply for my newborn

Hi needing help. I have a four week old baby and I keep running out of Breast milk late afternoon and my baby gets really hungry so I have to feed him some formula which I'd prefer to not. Does anyone know the emotional reason for the problem of not having enough milk each day? Or a good remedy? Thanks :) 

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before looking at the cause, make yourself a chamomile + caraway seed (accent on caraway) infusion and drink plenty.

the caraway infusion is magical for the breastfeeding mothers. makes you feel good in your body and makes the best milk for the baby. it's like converting everything your body stored for this moment into yummy healthy baby food, while also taking care of how the milk will be received by the baby's system.

now, after the chamomile calmed you a bit and the caraway is doing it's magic, let's look at what might be going on.

the mother's body responds to the baby's needs and emotions. if there's a blockage there, dismantling it will bring back the natural milk flow. 

the blockage could be yours, could be the baby's. it probably is a combination, one blockage feeding the other in a loop. 

do you feed your baby on request or following a feeding schedule? 

do you have doubts about your readiness to be a mother? (as in doubts if what you are doing is good enough for your baby)

blockages feel like constrictions. anytime you feel constriction in your body, following a thread of thoughts,  switch the focus on the love and connection to your baby. observe how that makes your body feel. allow love to flow freely, with no doubts, with no fear. trust your body to respond to the baby's needs and wants.

you've got this. all you have to do is relax and love.


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Thank you so kindly @mufhry this is the best advise! 

I feed little one on request. I think there may be some selfdoubt about my ability to be a good mother and or readiness.  I put pressure on my self to be a perfectionist also. I seem to run out of milk in the late afternoons probz when I am most tired and stressed so I will access my thought patterns around then  

Off to buy some caraway and Camamile tea now. Thanks again X 

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