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Sushi Roll Recipes - as requested by @Garnet! I'll include a few rad selections that are my faves!


Veggie Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Quinoa And Avocado Sushi Rolls

Quinoa Sushi

Cauliflower Rice Sushi Rolls


Glorious Food (My Horde of Collected Food Pins!) 

Enjoy! Man... now I want sushi! (Thankfully, I have spicy vegan ramen cooling down in the fridge!)

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Spicy Vegan Ramen

1 package ramen (no packet)

2 spring onions, chopped

2 basil leaves, shredded

1/2 cup chopped cabbage

Sriracha to taste

1 TBSP Oil (I use Grape seed Oil)

2 TBSP Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

1 TSP Rice Vinegar

Pinch Crushed Red Pepper

Pinch Chili Powder or Paprika

Ground Pepper to taste

1/2 cup Spring Water

I use this recipe when I know I'll be hungry in an hour or so, or want something I can eat with chopsticks with little effort! 

Break ramen into four pieces, place in container with lid (I use a recycled miso soup container). Push down just a little, so everything fits (don't worry, it doesn't seem like all the ingredients will fit, but they will). 

Add water first, then add other ingredients and spices. The order doesn't matter. Make sure the lid is on tightly. Nobody wants to wear spicy ramen, not even me.

SHAKE!!! :loldog::not-listening-yahoo-emoticon: Once everything is coated, vent the lid just a little, to let the excess air out, then reseal. Put in fridge for 1-2 hours to let everything marinate. 

Enjoy spicy chilled ramen! Use chopsticks like a boss! I eat it right out of its little container, or take with me for lunch when I go for a walk in the park nearby!

:EWBTE-min::5761dfa2d65c4_EmojiObjects-196: Unnervingly large ramen bowl as tribute! 

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Knowing how horrible the dairy and beef market is.. is it safe to drink milk from any store ?  I mean, the Amish have been living strongly with unpasteurized milk for ages...  I still think of Ta lopez when he spoke at that summer camp  and he explained how it didn't kill him.  And what studies prove that cow milk is actually bad for you?  I mean specially from a cow that is not tortured and put through any sort of hell.. I can't even have cheese anymore.. And since I'm quite helpless. how in the world can i cater to myself as a vegan?  i mean, nobody really knows how to fend for themselves anymore.. to make their own food and so on... i am forced to rely what is in the stores around me.. i feel like a trapped animal in the pen that is the governmental controlled world...And to even run away you need your slave pass called your passport to go anywhere...  Not like anybody will help raise money for me to go anywhere.. to buy anything that may benefit my life.. i'm in such a state where if i do anythign it will either fail or just not happen or i'll just explode.. man.. needs to fix their lag problem while trying to type in this textbox....

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3 minutes ago, Garnet said:

@AbsoluteWave how about fruit and vegetables? You don't even have to cook them! Eat as much as you can! ?

Mushrooms, potatoes are very easy to prepare too.

I know that.. And that's what I have always done.  and mushrooms are full of amonnia.  no thanks.  I keep those a minimum.


Edited by AbsoluteWave

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7 minutes ago, Ana said:

Do the best you can with whatever you have. Don't be too hard on yourself. Do what feels right and move on to the next thing.

Don't think too much and move your body. Move your feet.

Sending you Love, Dear Absolute Wave

Why thank you for such well wishes.  And that's easier said than done and specially when my mind will not shot off.  to me it's transcended being just a survival tool..  And I wouldn't relinquish it's support.  I got nowhere to be and no real motive.  Specially since anything can happening the middle to just stop me.. even if it's just nerves.. MUCH of it is unexpected.  ALL I have is the internet.  the few friends that actually value me and I have actual fun with.. my hordes of downloaded music and stuff like that.

It's not like somebody like me can actually get his DA noticed even when he uploads something.  ( Deviantart )

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@Ana  You think I don't want it more than " badly"?  to be without the mental illnesses I have?  I'd love to blame them for everything but it's also my fault where I am right now.  if that's the case.  I'll never be free if somebody doesn't just come by and cure me and reconfigure my personalty on the spot.

Though I have a strong love for others, more than myself.. the shield of that is alot of envy but ALSO I turn it into positive envy which may also inspire me to do the same BUT also wish them well.  But most of the problem is my WARPED self image that still hasn't gone away apparently and it continues to shine and I've been with it for years and it still doesn't go away.. so perhaps it's just me that's troubled.

The boyfriend who actually loves me has in times proven to me in many subconscious ways that I'm apparently " the most ___ person I've ever met"

And reminds me of all the circumstances where quite a few... specially those who I am apparently special too also find me just as annoying as they like me.

I honestly don't know any better.  If it all apparently goes back to me, i wont ever learn since i keep making the same mistakes.

I'm also known for being quite passive aggressive.
And oddly enough, I'm getting closer to finding the root but keep finding it serves a purpose.  Almost like something being in defiance to those who are above him in some way.

I'm also an opportunist when it comes to the " the bigger you are, the harder you fall"

BUT I've noticed I'm much safer and much more positively regarded when I DONT do or say anything too crazy...

Ever since about 7 years old.. I've always yearned to be in another world than this one..  To perhaps one i belonged in...

And in places where only the best of me shines, as if there is nothing but wisdom, empathy, love and so on.

Where I'm not so spiteful and pitiful.

Where the qualities of mine that really serve for my expansion and have helped many people even to this day.  my optimism, And from others have said is that I am so forgiving almost to a fault.

Hell, even if somebody " wronged me" if they came back with a whole other attitude, I would most likely keep the door ajar enough for them to come back in if they really mean to come back into my life.

Don't know where I am going with this but I'm surely phsychotic~  but don't mind me.  in due time I'll delete this message so it doesn't cause too much trouble on your wonderful forum.

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@Ana  You continue to send me love and here I am still being so " bitchie"  for lack of better word..  Well bursting into tears helped a little but now i feel like such a dork for bothering to bring this stuff up and make forums to do with my own personal issues.

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1 minute ago, Ana said:

I don't see it as BS. But you need to stop talking about yourself the way you do, it's only harming you.

Speak of yourself the way you would speak of your best friend. You cannot love anyone more than you love yourself.

Love You again, and always

On the contrary.. I treat my friends VERY well... I'm known to be very loyal and loving but also love-able.   So perhaps all I need to do is just let this stuff remain silent in my head and continue to just spread my particular love and light to the world in the ways available to me... Shall I delete my threads or not?  I mean.. all i end up getting is anylized and hardly helped at all.. @CherieJ  Is one of the few people who actually seem to care and actually show it from how they handle me.  Gosh... I'm such a bundle of nerves and survival instincts with his own super magnificent path of life.. wish it could be as magical as my childhood again.. where I could roam free in every aspect of the word.. to really experience all the big to small things in the purist ways possible...

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