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the HUT is back in the village

I am very happy to announce the re-opening of THE HUT in the new world. Just like in the old tribe, if you follow the fireflies path through the forest, you find the wooden bridge that takes you to it. 

Imagini pentru tree house

and just as some of you might remember, the hut is like the tardis: bigger on the inside.

and is magic, responding to your wishes. the interior mimics the mood of the guests. 

it's magic works like this: while you go through the entry's harmonizing space



what you envision you'll find past that door, that's what you'll get.

THE HUT is a place of gathering, chilling, sharing, opening, whatever you want it to be. 

The HUT is meant to bring the glue back into the tribe.  To bring the disconnected bits into one place.

So...when the village seems slow, when nobody is talking and everyone is waiting for something to move...if the topics' life span is short and they soon fall in the pit of the forgotten topics....if one has nothing to ask and nothing to answer, but they'd like to can always come to the hut and find a good vibe and friends.

As long as we'll all keep THE HUT active and on the front page, we'll all have a place to gather, anytime. It's up to us.

If you can think up games that can be played in the hut, bring them on. tarot readers, story tellers, music players, oracles, hugers, listeners, lend your talents to the hut.

we are awesome. let's focus on us.


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My best friend and sort've ex sort've not ex girlfriend died four days ago, and my life is flashing before my eyes. My life is all about enabling a narcissistic sociopath. I'm pretty much a literal slave. It was recently "explained" to me by my father that my paychecks from my first job when I was 15 ended up in his pockets eventually because it was "shared money." My mom's a doctor, dad's a lawyer $3/4 million home and it's "shared money" give me a break... those words beyond triggered me. I wanted to kill him. He and my mother live like kings and I have nothing.

It's a kind of evil I've heard few describe. It makes me want to call Judaism nothing more than a 4,000 year old sickness surrounding money (they're Jewish). 

Long story short, THAT as well as all of the stereotypical tricks of the "elite" have been used on me by my own father. One I'm thinking of right now is Withholding of Knowledge. I'm smart and did well in school, took the early SATs when I was in 7th grade etc., but certain key things about "making it in the real world" were strategically kept from me by my father. 

A.) I can save up just enough money to escape somewhere. I like Canada, I'm open to lots of different options though (I'm called to move to a certain city in Canada, I'm unable to say where at this time/space juncture. Problem is, what will likely end up happening is IF I ever escape where I am now (very dangerous neighborhood I live in, enabling a sociopath who physically abused me as a child and I'd rather die or kill to end this negative pattern FINALLY) is I will maybe get to the location and chicken out and call mommy OR I will simply not be able to take care of myself and I will like lose teeth or limbs or eyesight or shit. 

When I was in high school my peers who I was even with OR smarter than many of them ended up actually going to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

I just really want a chance at upward mobility and need coaching from someone. My father is literally a Reptilian high-level and/or has Hitler Consciousness. He's able to turn anyone in the family, in law enforcement, or randos into agents to do his bidding. He's literally "unplugged" in THAT negative of a way like Agent Smith from The Matrix. 

So, the problem is, I tried this once before. And he tracked me down... and as punishment made me live in a homeless shelter for 3 months. He would pick me up from the shelter to take me to family functions at their million dollar home. I'm in such poverty because of the money he unlawfully stole from me that my health and safety are at serious risk (my neighbors are drug dealers and have guns and I'm not really able to break the law very well at all just due to my upbringing which was very "good" until they shipped me away at 16 b/c the psych meds my psychiatrist mom put me on made me dopey, slow, and I couldn't do my schoolwork anymore where beforehand I was very good at it). He has sociopathic blindness and basically... sadly... my mom is TOTALLY CONTROLLED by him. 

Ive actually tried to sue him and that's maybe part of the reason why he made me homeless was bc I was working up a lawsuit against him and it was a viable one. That money, 10 or 20 k should mean nothing to him though... he is just one of those sad successful men I've heard described that STRONGLY don't want their son to be successful AT ALL. 

B.) Doing this, I feel like an animal who was raised in captivity being released into the wild. I'll never make it unless I do it perfectly or get lucky. I'm willing to try and maybe die though :) My life is SO stagnant that it's loathsome. 

C.) I feel like my best shot is moving to a "wild" area where it's warm where I can "live off the land" and like go to town and barter animal hides for coins or something. A nice climate is really what I need and to move away from the two of them and my "compromised" family and restore Hope. 

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opening the windows, smelling the cold forest& hot coffee morning, lighting a cig, falling back on a big comfy bean bag. snapping fingers to start the music


@Hypocrite , the hut doesn't fix people's lives. people fix their own lives if they think there's a problem.

the hut offers sanctuary for anyone who needs to stop and rest, regroup or re-evaluate. or just pause to chill and change the lenses they use to look at the world. 

I get it that you want someone to listen. the first that has to really carefully listen to what you have to say is yourself.

if you'd reduce everything that's in your mind to an emotion or state of being, what would that be?

and if you'd look past/through it, what's underneath? 

what you've described up to now are shadows on a wall. turn (around, inward, whatever is easier for you) and see what's casting them. ignore the fear and look. you can't fight shadows. they're only there to point at the projector.

or, see it like this: to change the movie being projected on a screen, you don't slap it out of the screen, you change it from the projector.

so, switch perspective and look again. 


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