Experiencing headaches with people I don't jibe with

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Experiencing headaches with people I don't jibe with

Recently, I've been getting headaches around people that I don't connect with. These could be around friends that I perceive to no longer being people I relate to. So I blamed being around them for the headaches I was getting. But then I realized the headaches were for a much deeper reason. It was result of being cut off from my higher self and re-living trauma.

So I asked myself, "What do I feel when I'm around these people, and when did I first experience these feelings in my life?" The answer was I felt judged by them, and the overall feeling of "not fitting in". And this was of course a very familiar feeling growing up! I remember being labelled as "goth" in the fifth grade, and being targeted for it. That was the first time I felt like a victim to bullying and teasing.

As an adult, I have learned to avoid those feelings of not fitting in by essentially losing my authentic self and putting on a mask. That is what causes me to feel headaches, and also tired-ness from hanging out with people or being at parties. I am still a match to people I perceive as being judged by today because of that unhealed part of myself of victimhood. So now I am aware of a shadow aspect of me I can work towards integrating. Will use crystals and possibly counseling. Thanks for reading!

Reference: (one of the videos Teal talks about victimhood mentality)

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