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Transgender Support

Hey Friends !

A friend of mine is transitioning and beginning to express their true self by identifying as a woman.  They are experiencing dysphoria among many other things through this transition. I am there to support them however, there is only so much I can understand because I haven't been through it myself.   Since I love this community, I  figured I would reach out on here and ask for help.  I was wondering if any of you are transgender and would be willing to connect with my friend.  Thanks so much!


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I think you could just watch as many videos as possible about transsexuality and the perspective of transsexuals. You'll get it then.

I am not transsexual but I know dysphoria. Dysphoria is one of the most painful things you can experience. It is a frantic, confused, helpless feeling that seems to envelop your entire physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and whatever-else realities. It feels like nothing is quite real and nothing is quite right, but you have no way to recognise what the problem is or even communicate it to other people. If you know about depression then imagine dysphoria is what happens when depression gets so intense that you can no longer handle it. Then you become super-depressed but it all stays under the surface (EDIT: AND CONTINUES TO BUILD UP).

Another simple way to imagine it would be to think about a movie or TV scene where there is a lot of suspense because something "bad" is either happening or about to happen. Dysphoria is pretty close to that feeling where is something is just "wrong" but you can't put your finger on it even if your life depends on it. With dysphoria, this feeling of "wrong" or "bad" permeates everything you think and you will never feel settled or content. It's a constant "This isn't right but I don't know what else to do".

Teal has a video on Transsexuality if you didn't know already, and pretty much all her material pertains to dysphoria.

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