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On 08.01.2017 at 9:31 AM, Mark Joseph Middleton said:

I am also a cusp.

The understanding of:
You are standing on the cusp of understanding of:
Which then can go into embodiment of:
But can also be showing you the utter reverse or backside of a thing, as an aspect of it, and you can embody the opposite.

All the best :D

Which cusp are you?


I was born in the cusp of Mystery and Imagination (Capricorn-Aquarius cusp)

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On 06.02.2017 at 9:54 PM, Mark Joseph Middleton said:

What has your life shown you, if you look through that filter, or lens? - Same question for anyone, might yield some interesting thoughts.

This is a very interesting question. On-point.

I've never thought of it. 
To think about it now...
A theme about being the best, and success always comes up in my life. In any area. Capricorn is an ambitious sign. It is called the architect and for a good reason. It builds things up with patience, working hard every day, and loves to plan. It is far sighted. Aquarius, is a visionary sign. It's eccentric. It wants to be who it's own eccentric self, and be okay with it. 
I'm not sure how it relates to my Aquarian side. But I've read about Capricorn-Aquarius cusp and it makes sense.

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Of course I'm the cusp of sensitivity. This is just too ironic in my life right now, oh my goodness.

But anyway, I have definitely always felt more Pisces than Aquarius. And I have quite a few Pisces planets in my birth chart too, so this makes sense.

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Hey :) !

In real astrology, where Your whole chart is calculated based on your birth date, time and location- there are no cusp signs! Each sign has a slot of 30 degrees in a wheel of 360 degrees. So you are either 29 degrees Leo or 0 degrees Virgo :). has a simple way to  calculate this by yourself and see once and for all which sign you are! lol

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