I want to experience something notably spiritual.

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I want to experience something notably spiritual.

I'm bored right now. I'm pretty sure that there's more out there. I've barely experienced anything visually/audibly/physically spiritual or supernatural except once when I was really young, but it wasn't a very good experience. If anything I want some direction in life, or just some help from like a psychic or someone who can see possible outcomes lol. I've tried to astral project on occasion, but I just end up feeling tired and heavy. What's something I can do to just show myself that there is more out there? 

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you are doing something miraculous and spiritual every moment, just to be enjoying the physicality of life always is. just you being alive is supernatural, hope this seed grows a beautiful bridge between the current reality you are experiencing and the one you desire.  recognize yourself inside this body as a spirit, the rest are just accessories(like your body, mind, things in your life) you are the soul, those other things are all your creations,  good work! your subconscious mind( a tool for your use) will get reprogrammed by you just follow your heart.

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13 hours ago, Mark Joseph Middleton said:

Put a lot of energy into a particular spiritual center related to the experience you want. So heart for heart related experiences, head for head related experiences, voice for voice, fertility centers for producing or manifesting things, etc.  They are the only ones i've done anyway. I've done a bit of my survival or root centers with growing food, which I didn't handle too well but no solar or self and only a bit of heart if I am honest.

What does that mean practically. That means not be tired all the time (as you have no energy for the experience). That means put a lot of focus there, start learning about that energy center, and how to not waste yours or give it away on things you don't need. Start doing things which benefit that energy center, eat foods high in energy (maca), push energy there in meditation. Drop hard to digest foods and huge meals which burn up your energy leaving you tired. Eat whole foods not chopped to release energy, improve the quality of your water. Do kundalini yoga, a high energy one and practicing holding energy, if you can't feel energy yet., you will with practice. Clear the electric wiring and metal out of your bedroom, and off your person. Improve the quality of your intake of media and conversation. Get in nature a bit more and raising energy up (as well as down). Do what you are doing now only get more specific on the part of the body which relates to the experience you want. Practicing tapping into your feelings, a lot, as they are you. Essentially work on releasing some of the blocks you might have to these experiences, mental, physical and spiritual.

You've realised you are heavy and tired all the time, that's great, that's awareness of a thing you were previously unaware of, now you get to choose to do something about it, if you want. Which may be as simple as doing a 4 day week, and one day on spirituality. 

Then you've got to find the point between striving and receiving :D, the receptive seeker of the experience. Which basically means, do the work, make your intent known and don't get angry when something doesn't come immediately. The reality grid an be slow, depending where you live and your perception of speed or movement and expectations. But its largely slow as things are not moving for you yet, so do what you can to get things moving inside yourself.

You could also move to a place that is naturally more integrated with the land, and people have done a lot of spiritual work before, making that easier to work with and within. 

All the best.

An extrovert personality might say go do things with other people outwardly which benefit that particular center, exercises, trips, study, creativity etc. As long as you are gaining energy not draining it from the experience, (not doing things you hate etc) Doing things you love draws energy toward you, connective, doing stuff you hate or dismissing it, distances you. Others work on loving and connecting with a particular experience regardless. Though this engages in some bypassing, it can relieve mental blocks that you've created fictionally about a task, if they are not genuine feelings.

Oh and some personal advice practice metaphors! Symbolic meanings. Speaking in pictures too.

Thank you for the help!!!

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