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Hi Everyone, I'm from Albury NSW...not far from Yarrawonga Yates :)  

I went to Teal's Synchronisation workshop in Sydney in January 2016. It was my hope to meet some like minded people to stay in touch with - but I haven't maintained connection to the friends I made. There are some lovely open minded people down here on the border though - some have even heard of Teal Swan - but not many. 

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Anyone going to Teal's Completion Process training Sydney late May 2018?

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Hey you guys, here's a call from Across the Ditch - anyone here going to Teal's CP training in Sydney?
I am, so besides the closed Facebook group Blake's meant to be setting up, maybe some contact as "hi" and "hey" could happen beforehand...

Light and Love
Crystal Rob
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay wine country, New Zealand

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