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Please help! Something wrong manifested in my reality

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Please help! Something wrong manifested in my reality

Hello all,

I recently discovered Spirituality, Teal Swan and I believe she is right that our thoughts create our reality. However, I have a lot of trouble identify the subconscious thoughts that results in the reality that I'm living in.  

My MAJOR problem that I have encountered since the beginning of the year 2017 is that every girl I walk pass by couldn't stop looking at me or stay very close to my proximity. This truly shocks me as it has never happened before. My initial reaction was excitement as there are many girls checking me out, but this quickly turned into a nightmare.  I got stared at everywhere I go, they try to brush past me, walk around or in front of me, coughing, use perfumes to get my attention. Yesterday, I was on an airplane, on my way to visit my parents, and every girl on the plane have to walk past my seat. The flight attendants got nervous serving meals and forgot my drinks. I was intoxicated by the smell of perfumes that my body was shivering. Currently, I'm very conscious of everyone around me and try to avoid eye contacts whenever possible.

I would really appreciate any feedback/solutions or a way to book a Skype session with Teal Swan, as I have managed to manifest lots of problems in my life.  I do think the problem is more complex than what I mentioned here and hopefully someone could spot something weird with the way I think. Looking forward to you guys' replies. Thank you.

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