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Problem with love/relationships

Hi! Im new here. I started watching teals videos a couple of years ago and my life have changed drastically. I have cleared so many blocks.

But my problem is that my whole life I have been unable to speak or connect with males. And when I have been attracted to a guy I have felt shame. But this summer I meet one guy that showed interest in me, and after that I have meet several guys on tinder. The first one was interested a while and than disappeared a week later. The other ones too. I have felt like it's me who is the problem. And that I have something that chases them away. (And also the guys I don't like always shows interest in me.)

I month ago I meet a guy that really showed that he liked me. I really thought this would work out. He showed every sign that he liked me. But now he doesn't message me anymore and say that he don't have time seeing me. He also said that he don't know how he feels about me and that he wants a serious relationship and I'm to young. 

I feel awful now. When I finally thought this would work out it didn't. I don't know if I was in love or not but I'm really sad. Also sad because I thought I hade cleared or healed that aspect of myself.

I have to questions now. First one is how do I heal/fix this problem. And the second one is how do I go through a heartbreak/loss?

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